Type: Human

Gender: Female

Mary is my character who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream Story. She’s a current fairy-believer who lives in Pixington via Moonrise Street. She currently lives in a large house shared with the rest of her remaining family while her mother lives in a different home where she works as a contracter for a large open-source content distribution on a former cable network.

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Julia Rabbit

Type: Rabbit

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Weight: 1000 lbs.

Color: White

Full name: Julia Alison Rabbit

Julia is a white rabbit who made her dayview via a book; A Fair-Dream STORY. She is the first to be a large rabbit via this ebook. Unlike most anthropomorphic rabbits… she can be ridden by a person, speak with an exclusive English UK/English US language, and jump high. She’s also featured as a mount animal… that means she can be ridden. She’s kind of like an oversized rabbit from some fictional books; but she has unique features.

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Maggie the Mermaid

Type: Mermaid

Size: Large

Weight: 500 lbs

Height: 6.9 feet

Color: White

Maggie is the mermaid who made her dayview via “The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures”. She is a mermaid who wants to save the seas from being damaged by poachers who were greedy. She is Rebecca’s selected mount who gave her an ability to surf, or dive deep. She is kind of an ordinary mermaid, but she has special powers that are built to do anything. For example; she can swim fast, and breathe underwater.

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