Lisa the Angel

Type: Angel

Gender: Female

Color: White

Lisa is a fictional angel who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY. She’s an angel who has fear or dislike of Muslims who were involved in burning down a church that is located in Long Island, NY. She wanted to be Christian, and support her religious belief. She is an only angel who lives in a church-like building. Although; she’s different than a fairy. But her wings are different, but she can fly.

Like most angels; she can fly with other angels, and she often play games with them too.

Although; she lives in a family who is part black, and part white.

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Type: Human

Gender: Female

Mary is my character who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream Story. She’s a current fairy-believer who lives in Pixington via Moonrise Street. She currently lives in a large house shared with the rest of her remaining family while her mother lives in a different home where she works as a contracter for a large open-source content distribution on a former cable network.

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