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Type: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft. 12 in.

Color: White

Early Life

When Samantha was a baby; she lived with both of her parents who own a farm where they raise geese as pets only,–due to a recent tax liens placed on this farm. Previous farmers were the suppliers of hallal foods for a mosque that is now under multiple tax liens. Samantha hasn’t started owning geese just yet. She watches them play as she learns how to navigate in her crib with her toys.

At age 2; Samantha has mounted on a large goose what her father is trying to train as a therapy animal. She started riding her first goose. Her father has believed his daughter has wished to ride a goose, and navigate quickly. Her mother was at a local church in Iowa. She’s exclusively a Catholic,–due to her constant lenting. But she don’t spank children because, she don’t want any child to be violent. Spanking children encourages violence in family. She condemned spanking as cruel, and dangerous.

However; Samantha’s family has experienced theft of their animals. About 44 muslim men has been involved in trafficking their geese for hallal foods. But a neighbor has reported a problem with an illegally built mosque that is located next to their farm. And that’s the time when the policemen has arrested these men for animal cruelty. Since Samantha is exclusively vegetarian… she can’t eat any meat because her body is NOT designed to do so.

When Samantha is about 7 years old; she wished to keep her very own goose on her birthday because, she has a photo of herself riding a goose while she was a baby. She started off with a gosling. And she started communicating with her. That’s the time when Gabrielle is a little gosling. Samantha always go with her new gosling. She imagined she continued riding a goose as she plants trees and built windmills to cut pollution.

As Samantha has successfully finished school at age 14; she started working on her father’s farm,–after his animals has been saved. And he received monetary damages from a Muslim suspects who were responsible for hijacking Samantha’s family farm. She started riding her new goose as a mode to navigate on a large goose farm where geese are raised as pets or working animals exclusively. Her mother has started working at the hosting company where they host websites for customers who wanted to build a website for their projects to give her extra financial capabilities to support her children.


Kind, helpful, epic, and always caring about our environment.


Tall slender woman with brown hair, green eyes, pink lips, long legs, short arms, and short feet. She wears a purple dress with a yellow apron, bronze stockings, and flat yellow shoes.


No cameos yet.

Religions what she joined

She didn’t join any religions yet.

Vegetarian Status

Samantha is already a vegetarian by default. Due to Samantha’s nurse; she isn’t able to eat any meat, but she can still eat fish, and other seafood.



No enemies yet.

Relationship with other characters

No other characters yet.


I created this fictional character from scratch since 2004. And I’m still revising my legacy characters what I memorized.

Samantha is currently a goose-rider. She rides her goose, Gabrielle.

I tried my best to revive my old fictional characters from one of my oldest journal books what I have since I was 13 years old. That’s the time before I lost my vision.

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