Amber-Dawn Mouse

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Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Color: White

Full Name: Amber-Dawn Johnson Mouse

Early Life

Amber-Dawn was a mouse first born in her family with Annet. She lives in an apartment with her father. Annet was once a technician for a computer company. Amber-Dawn… sometimes short named, “Amber” resembles a large mouse that is 24 inches long when navigating on all 4 of her limbs. She starts off as an only child. That means there’s only 1 child in her family. Her aunt, Sandra has given her lots of toys to play to get herself started with life. However; she’s treated like a member of her family. That means… no spanking, and no violence.

Days after her birth, she starts to grow longer, and larger. She outgrew her old crib,–causing Annet to donate her older crib to a store where they sold used furniture. She started growing during summer time. Since Annet always take responsibility with her child. She varifies if Amber is healthy, and active during the day, and sleeping at night. However; Amber-Dawn hasn’t started to crawl around her apartment,–due to obstacles that will harm her.

When Amber has grown larger,–up to 1 yard; she outgrew her larger crib. That causes her to upgrade to a larger crib. She started to crawl around her apartment,–after Annet has set her place up for her child’s safety. Amber-Dawn has crawled as 7 times faster than ordinary mice in the real world. Her mother has given her a gown to wear to make her look like a princess,–after she proposed an agreement with her husband who is a black mouse. And Amber has been living healthy and growing as expected. It was successful for them to have their first child. But only Annet’s husband is supporting Amber to keep her financially stable.

When Amber-Dawn is 1.5 years old; she reached a height as tall as 4 feet. But she’s about to slow down in any moment. Annet believes her wish is being granted when Amber has grown as large as a normal child. She has an ability to speak English US, or English UK. She started going to school early. That enables Annet to work at her job,–while her father works as a train engineer. He delivers windmills to the wind plant. Never the less… Amber-Dawn was prohibited from going to any mosque,–due to terrorism concerns. Her mother has a goal to raise her as a Jewish child. That means Amber-Dawn goes to a Jewish school to learn something new.

When Amber-Dawn is 5 years old; She outgrew her own room. She still goes to school. But her mother has to move to a different apartment because of her size. Her upcoming brother is about to be born. And Amber has to build a bunk bed to share her room with new brother. She has to choose a top bunk to sleep each night. Amber-Dawn has reached a height of ft. and 10 in.

Annet has predicted… if she reaches 7 feet or more; she has to own a large house, and save up lots of money. Amber-Dawn has leveled up for new educational content for her home TV service what her mother has implemented.

When Amber-Dawn has reached 6 ft. tall at age 6; she has to go to a special school for special education. Annet claims special education is suitable for her because, that enables her to stay focused on her tasks. Annet has wished to raise children without spanking because, her goal is to cut violence in her family.

When Amber-Dawn has reached 7.5 feet tall at age 7.5; she begins to slow down growing. Annet believed she made a mistake, or she must’ve gone to far. But the good news is… Amber-Dawn is healthy,–according to her doctor. Amber is still going to school as she grows up.

When Amber-Dawn has stopped growing… she is labled as a big mouse in her family. Her mother believed she was towered over by her own daughter,–due to her large size.


Always dresses up like a princess, joyful, courageous, protective, caring, active, smart, claimed to be the top mouse in her family, and she’s also proud.


Tall fat white mouse with large ears on top of her head with pink inside; rounded pink nose; blue eyes;visible buck teeth; long legs; short arms; and medium hands. She wears a purple dress with a bronze apron, black slippers, and a pair of reading glasses. Never the less… she has a pink tail!


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Religions what she joined

Amber-Dawn is exclusively Jewish.


  • Amy Mouse

    Amy Mouse is Amber-Dawn’s little sister.

  • Annet Mouse

    Annet Mouse is Amber-Dawn’s mother.


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Relationship with other characters

  • Nancy Mouse
  • Trivia

    Amber-Dawn may resemble Amy Mouse, but Amber-Dawn’s face is partially dark.

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