Nancy Mouse

Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Female

Color: White

Size: Large… used to be a small mouse

Height: 8.1 feet when standing on hind legs

Weight: 600 lbs

Full name: Nancy Logan Mouse

Nancy is an anthropomorphic mouse who made her dayview via a book “Wilfred & Nancy” in 2014. She is once a small white mouse used to be owned by Jill, a keeper who kept mice as pets. Wilfred chosen her when he wished he wanted to keep a mouse as his buddy.

When Nancy grew so big; she gained an ability to be ridden by her new owner. She became a big mouse. Giving her an ability to enjoy being a big mouse.

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Amy Mouse

Type: Large Fancy Mouse
Color: White
Height: 7.5 feet tall
Weight: 750 lbs.
Baring Weight For Her Rider: 250 lbs.
Gender: Female,/td>

Amy Mouse is my character established in my ‘Night Lights In My House’ series. She is an anthropomorphic white mouse with a long shiny pink tail with a spiral design,–along with a pointed tip; tulip-shaped large ears,–white on the outside; and pink on the inside; large head; series of modifications. She speaks either English (EN/EN) or English US (EN/US). During my first development of my character, she’s a ride-on type character. And she’s a kind, friendly, adventurous, intelagent fun large mouse. Sometimes she solves many problems with various critical events. For example; solving issues with bad guys who were trying to keep people away from common places.

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