What’s the purpose of this wiki?

The purpose of this wiki is designed for informational, and entertaining purposes only. The content what I publish on this wiki is NOT designed to purge, defame, or do any other harm to individuals, businesses, or any other entity. Visitors who were viewing this content displayed on my website are within their own risks.

The wiki content what I published is also designed to provide information about my fictional characters, fictional places, fictional objects, or books.

Is your wiki content fictional

The content what I write on this wiki is fictional. Names, places, businesses, or even characters are either the product of the author’s imagination, or used with a fictitious manner.


The comments that are displayed on this site are the author’s comments,–or commenter’s content. No comment is guaranteed to be free of foul languages, pornographic content, or any other content that is objectionable. I’m not responsible for these comments posted by visitors. The author is responsible for leaving comments on this wiki. However; I reserve the right to remove these comments that has the following that violate my commenting policy:

  • Spam – Spam take many forms. Don’t post links to advertise your products to gain advertising/ subscription/membership/sales revenue,–use my advertising facility anywhere on fairiesdreamsfantasy.com instead.
  • Links to adult websites – Some websites that display/contain adult content are spam… but these links should not be posted in your comments. Links to pornographic sites can harm the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki,–if malware is present.
  • Copyrighted content/ other content that doesn’t belong to you – Don’t post any links to copyrighted content that don’t belong to you. Never the less… Don’t post any links to websites that provide unauthorized downloads of any content.
  • Bullying – Never use the comment system to bully anyone on this wiki. Bullying is considered a bad idea. Never bully anyone under any circumstances.
  • Malware -Never post malicious software, malicious codes, or any other form of malware, that includes viruses, worms, key loggers, cursor loggers, trojan horses, trojan droppers, trojan dialers, trojan downloaders, trojan uploaders, rogues, backdoors, adware, spyware, and other malware.
  • Post scraped content or scrape anyone’s comments – Write your own comments. Don’t scrape anyone’s comments, or post content what you’ve just scraped from other websites. Posting scraped content doesn’t just overwelm this wiki, it can also take up all of the important resources for this wiki.
  • Engage in illegal activities – Never engage in illegal activities when posting comments, such as instructions to make bombs, terrorize cities, parks, homes, or any country that you live in. Never the less; don’t participate in any other unlawful activities, such as illegal advertisements of alcohol, tobacco products, and other controlled substances.

Links to other websites

This wiki may contain links to third party websites. No affiliation nor endorsement with these third party websites. These links posted on this site is designed for references, or providing information. You may need to check their privacy policies with these websites. Visitors who follow these links to these third party websites are within their own risk.

Copyright/Creative Commons

As otherwise noted… Most content on my wiki is licensed under a Creative Commons License,–so you can reuse them if you wish! I’m the original publisher of this content found on this wiki. You are free to reuse content on my wiki for any of your projects,–as long you link back to this website, and provide credit to me. Be sure to check if any of these licenses are valid before reusing my content for any project what you’ve working with. But don’t claim intellectual property to any of my content what you’ve just reused as your own copyright, trademark, or any other intellectual property. Never the less! You are free to reuse my fictional characters what I created from scratch,–along with fictional places, fictional objects, and fictional locations. If you needed help reusing my content; please email me with the following address info@fairiesdreamsfantasy.com, and I’ll respond to you soon.