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Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Color: Black

Early Life

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Tall black slender mouse with medium-sized ears, dark skin; pink nose; green eyes; short pink tail; and small hands. He wears a blue-green pajamas with slanted red stripes with a large letter “J” on it; and pink socks. Like Amy Mouse; he has no whiskers.


No cameos just yet.


Smart, religious, exclusively Christian/Jewish, playful, active, and friendly. He often gets himself into trouble when his parents who were once Islamic. He doesn’t like Islam because he support women’s rights. He reported attempted ‘honor’ killing of women and young girls to the police to save his sisters’ lives from this harsh act of violence. That resulted his parents, and his brothers, and his uncles being sentenced to prison time,–that happened when Jamal is heroic. Since shame has been infecting his family. That means; his entire family has been brought to shame, he has to find the another place to live. However; Jamal always uses his smart choices to keep himself safe.


Due to Jamal’s father sentenced to time in prison. Jamal only lived with his mother who left Islam to protect her independence. However; she’s appealing her sentence. She believed these charges what she’s currently facing doesn’t match. But She was saved from a harsh prison sentence,–after a petition is sent to the court, and the law enforcement. That resulted a corrupted judge being removed from the courthouse.

His older brothers, and his uncles has been doing time in prison for the past 4 years; they won’t be released until the spring of 2018. Most of his sisters has hid in some safety wards that are hidden, but it was never advertised to the public just yet.

When his mother has successfully got her benefits restored; she started converting to Christianity, and then Jewish to keep herself out of Islamic culture. She also started her new business that will stop ‘honor’ killing of women and young girls. She has to trademark her business logo to prevent terrorists from defrauding the public. She also hire employees that requires vetting, and strict background checks to prevent terrorists from working at her business. This is necessary to support her children, and herself.

When Jamal is reunited with his mother,–after a DUI collision caused by a drunk Muslim man; Jamal has to be evaluated to prevent him from going violent against our society.

His aunt has helped him write a new book. Although; she has trouble contacting Jamal because, she has to watch out for these men who were involved in Islamic terrorism. However; Jamal’s book about a Rat who don’t want to be violent has been compromised by all Islamic territories; and his mother has file a copyright complaint, and seek damages. This is the tall tale sign of unauthorized modification of his book. It is licensed for reuse, but no credit is given to Jamal at all. That resulted all of these Islamic territories being blacklisted from tourism. That also blacklisted all mosques in question,–linked to copyright violations.

Religions what he joined

Jamal used to be a Muslim, but due to his parent’s recent criminal activities… he was prompted to convert into a Catholic, Christian, or a Jew,–due to an order of a court.

Today; Jamal is now a Christian.


No allies yet.


No enemies yet.

Relationship with other characters

No relationship with other characters just yet.


Jamal is a black counterpart of Amy Mouse. Believe it, or not… he’s African-American,–just like Ramone, Eddy, and Lennie!

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