Jessie the Fairy

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Type: Fairy

Gender: Female

Size: Small

Early Life

Jessie the fairy was born in a country home located in Iowa. She lives on a cattle farm where cattle were raised for dairy, and meat. She has high dislikes of vegetarians,–due to dairy and meat farms going bankrupt, and going out of business. She has wished to do her way of running a dairy as she grows up. Unlike gardeners; she wanted to have her own farm with cattle only. Her father who is a skilled farmer has been trying to teach her how to be a farmer who farm cattle as she comes back from early school.

The cattle farm is an only source for them to make money with their dairy business. They have to pay 3 times more taxes than a crop farm because, they have to pay taxes to support ways to combat climate change.

Her mother and father has been involved in mistreating cattle on their farm since she was about 4 years old… she likes cattle, but she wanted to be a farmer in the future. But her wishes has been declined,–due to the animal activists who were investigating this large farm.


Jessie has started going to school as she was being cared by her grandmother,–after her parents were found guilty of animal cruelty. Her parents has to go to prison for some years. That means… these bad fairies who were involved had their wands seized, and end up wearing prison clothing.


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According to Jessie’s parents… she’s a Muslim, and she practices Islam each day. But due to a school what she goes to; she was forced to be a Christian,–via a court order issued by a judge. Their parents were upset, they decided to take revenge as they get released from prison, and join Islamic extremism.

Vegetarian Status

Jessie the fairy is NOT a vegetarian. She only eats meat. She claims eating plants is only for rabbits, and other animals. She dislikes eating vegetables because, she don’t want to be end up being teased by other fairies. She eats lots of meat, and she relies on meat industries to help her thrive, but she’s susceptible to infection.


Those are her likes.

  • Islam
  • Dairy Farming
  • Meat Industries
  • Dislikes

  • Vegetarianism
  • Bible Studies
  • Anti-Sharia Laws
  • Taxes
  • Allies

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    Relationship with other Characters

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    Jessie is a Muslim fairy who wanted to be a Muslim. However; she is a true meat-eating fairy who refused to eat vegetables.

    Due to her design… she isn’t able to fly that fast.

    She wears a hijab.

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