Nancy Mouse

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Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Female

Color: White

Size: Large… used to be a small mouse

Height: 8.1 feet when standing on hind legs

Weight: 600 lbs

Full name: Nancy Logan Mouse

Nancy is an anthropomorphic mouse who made her dayview via a book “Wilfred & Nancy” in 2014. She is once a small white mouse used to be owned by Jill, a keeper who kept mice as pets. Wilfred chosen her when he wished he wanted to keep a mouse as his buddy.

When Nancy grew so big; she gained an ability to be ridden by her new owner. She became a big mouse. Giving her an ability to enjoy being a big mouse.

Early Life

Nancy lived in Jill’s home with her family of mice in normal size,–just like ordinary mice. She used to play with other mice when she was only a baby mouse. Although; she’s a fancy mouse who is a companion animal,–not snake food. She lived with other mice in a large mousery what Jill owns. Only Nancy is a large mouse who made headlines in some village,–due to her unique size.

Her parents didn’t know she grew so fast, they’re dwarftened by her huge body.


Active, always alert, helpful, and sometimes she’s caring when supported.


She used to be a little white mouse,–just like ordinary mouse… she doesn’t wear any clothes just yet. Her tail is pink, and her eyes are also pink. Her whiskers are short, and she has round ears. Her foot is pink, and her legs are long. Her belly is white with a pink tint. her hair is short, but her body is long.

When she grew up to 1 month; she grew 3 times larger,–almost as large as a rat! She starts to plump up as she adapts to her new size format. She still looks the same.

Days later she grew almost as large as a cat, and she is as long as 24 inches. She is kind of slender, but her tail is in a spiral form. Her ears grew larger than they used to be. Her tail makes her long as 4 feet.

When she grew as large as 5 feet; she wore a blanket on her back,–enabling her owner to ride her. She weighed about 400 lbs. However; she kept growing as she wears something new.

As she reached a large size,–3 times a size of a Great Dane; she wore a larger blanket. She reached up to 6 feet. She weighed up to 575 lbs. She’s a healthy mouse all right. She constantly grew during her early life as a little mouse.

As she finally stopped growing, she reached as long as 8 feet. She became a large mouse that is too big for a common apartment. But she’s compact enough to fit through doors.

Currently, Nancy is now a large white mouse with a pink nose, and a long pink tail. Her ears are on top of her head with whiskers intact, and blue eyes.

Special Abilities

Nancy has multiple abilities. Unlike ordinary mice; she can do any of the following:

  • Fling Mouse-traps

    Nancy can fling mouse-traps to protect other mice from being trapped by these cruel devices. These barberric traps were trying to hurt other mice what some people who were keeping as pets, or companion animals.

  • Be Ridden by a person

    Cause Nancy is large enough to be ridden when growing up to a large size; she can carry 75% of her weight. She can handle an adult rider up to 350 lbs.

  • Speak with words

    Nancy can speak in English US, or English UK. She does have an ability to translate to any language.


A Fair-Dream Story

Nancy appears as a large ride-on stuffed white mouse.


Nancy has a large family of mice. Since Nancy has grown so big… she grew larger than her parents. However; she’s an only child.


Coming soon


Coming soon

Relationship with other characters

Those are the characters that are NOT relatives. But they belong to a same group of characters.


I created this character,–after I was inspired by an article online written by activists who were speaking up for mice.

This is my experimental character what I’ve developed from my imagination.

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