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Type: Dog

Subtype: Poodle

Multiple Type? Yes

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Weight: 1000 lbs.

Height when standing on 4 legs: 5 feet and 11 inches (excluding her head) 8 feet and 11 inches (head included)

Tail Length: 5.5 feet

Body length: up to 9 feet

Paw size: Large

Amelia-Amber is a large poodle made her dayview via a book, “The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures”. She’s a large poodle with a head of a girl. She’s ridden by me. She’s a large poodle who can handle her mount longer than any other dog on the planet. She’s sort of like a big dog that is almost larger than a horse, or pony. Although she’s too big to wear a leash for conventional walking side by side… or pull a dogsled. She can handle carrying 88% of her body weight. But she can carry 8 times her weight on her back!

She came to life after she was removed from a merry-go-round during revamping someplace at the largest mall in some village.


Kind, heroic, always active, intellagent, playful, smart, fast-thinking, fast-learner, always make correct decisions, gentle, as a security blanket, as a companion, works when supported, happy, caring, responsive, and friendly.


Big slender dog with a head of a girl, and a body of a poodle… tail with a ball tip, long legs, blue eyes, rounded brown nose, wears a diamond necklace, long white hair with light skin, and long white body fur,–resembling a large poodle. She also has large paws, and she has short nails.

Vegetarianism Status

Amelia-Amber is exclusively a vegetarian, but she can eat fish,–but not any other meat.

Cameo Appearance

Amelia-Amber appears as a large ride-on toy via a book, “A Fair-Dream Story”.

Special Abilities

  • As A Mount

    Amelia-Amber can be mounted. Exclusively ridden by me.

  • Speak Via Words

    She can speak via words. She doesn’t actually bark like a real poodle constantly like ordinary dogs. She can speak via English US; or English UK.

  • Ability to communicate with other dogs

    Amelia-Amber can communicate with other dogs. She can translate dog language into words when supported. It can work with any dog via any breed.


Coming soon


Coming soon


  • Me
  • Cody
  • Billi
  • Rebecca


No enemies yet.

Relationship with other Characters

No other characters yet. This section is going to be empty for a while,–until other characters are matched.


I created my character, Amelia-Amber after I had a dream of riding a large poodle with a head of a girl… and a body of a poodle. But I don’t remember riding on a dog when I was a little child. But I can remember part of it.

I started my imagination with a complex format as I developed her from scratch. I tried many attempts to revise what I dreamed of to reproduce it as art for my project.

As I finally reproduce a hard copy of my work from my dream, some of my classmates were inspired by my unique work, and even some teachers at school believed my work is so interesting. I continued doing my same project for my own braille books what I write myself.

I still imagine riding large poodles… never the less, most of my imaginary animals are virtual, or fictional.

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