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Type: Dog

Subtype: Great Dane/Saint Bernard/Labrador mix

Multiple Type? Yes

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Billi is a dog who is a house pet/companion dog who is Nathan’s ride-on partner. She keeps him calm, and prevents him from going out of control. She doesn’t have an ability to speak,–unless she’s interacting with other animals/characters. Like some big dogs; she can sometimes be a large pal for some children at some fair,–except she is built to handle some issues with her owner who refused to get used to living without his parents.

Billi is kind of like a house-pet all right, but she often gets herself to work via any situation, such as Nathan’s bad temper, or out of control behavior. She always be on Nathan’s side when Nathan is asleep.

Early Life

When Billi was a puppy; she attended school for becoming a therapy animal. She likes going to school. She played with other puppies when she enjoys recess. She has gone friendly… she got used to other people when she watch her trainer train a dog to handle one child’s autistic behavior.

As she grows up at age 3; she started her career as a therapy dog. She used to wear a harness,–until her owner suggested to ride her instead, after her owner wished he wants to ride a dog. Before she wore a harness; her owner started sitting on her back to ride her. Billi has to get herself trained to be ridden,–with a help from her owner’s parents.

When Billi grew larger; she continued giving her owner a ride to cheer him up. But that owner is just a child who is getting an experience with a therapy dog. But the child is not an owner. He just wished to ride a dog to help cheer himself up,–after he was thrown by a bully.

When Billi was 6 years old; she met Nathan… he’s a child who was susceptible to abuse; she gave him a ride to cheer him up. She has to keep Nathan calm when he was saved from his abusive parents or family. She is used to Nathan’s riding behavior.


Big green dog with a big brown spot on her back,–resembling a saddle, big paws, short tail, and short ears. Never the less… she wears a brass collar around her neck. She’s a combination of a Great Dane, labrador, and a Saint Bernard. Her nose is brown, and her eyes are turquoise. Her fur is long, and her legs are long too!


As a companion, friendly, as a security blanket, house pet, as a therapy dog, as a ride-on mount, and sometimes supports actions to calm his owner, Nathan down.

Special Abilities

  • As A Mount

    Unlike most ordinary dogs; Billi can handle being a mount. She can be ridden,–due to her breeder’s effort of developing a ride-on dog that will replace a leash, or dogsled.

  • Ability To Speak

    Billi can speak via words when supported. She can speak english US exclusively!


  • Cody
  • Me


Coming Soon

Relationship with other characters


This is my another character that is a dog via a different breed. I named her “Billi” because, as I write a new book; my goal is to provide my character in my books what I’m working with a companion animal.

I made Billi unique to give her distinct features. Although; this character features as a house pet for a group of my peers who were revamping a house,–after it was purchased by Jill.

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