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Type: Dog

Subtype: Labrador/Pitbull

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Weight: 140 lbs.

Zackery is a medium dog who made his dayview via a book; The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures in 2014. He plays a role as a “seeing-eye”dog for Josh. He has simple abilities to see what is ahead of his owner.

Early Life

When Zackery was a puppy; she was a bright bronze puppy without any patterns. he was raised in a large kennil with other puppies. He is the only large puppy who is bronze in color.

When Zackery is growing up, he attended a school,–learning to be a “seeing-eye” dog, helping blind citizens travel independently. Although; he met other dogs who were older than him. He always focused on his tasks. His teacher always train him without any harmful hitting. Since she don’t do this to dogs. She always treat Zackery like ordinary students without spanking. But her trainer always encourage other trainers NOT to spank their dogs. Zackery is one example.

When Zackery has finished school; he was deployed to Josh, a blind person who used to see with both eyes. But one of his eyes were NOT working. Since Zackery was a little boy. He often played piggyback-ride with his dog,–if Zackery is not working.

Zackery became Josh’s ally when he saved Josh from being bullied at school by a gang of bullies. Zackery was rewarded special treats during his job.

Zackery has also attended some extended training via his new owner. Josh has introduced him to an array of new commands. That enables Zackery to perform advanced tasks… such as alerting Josh if there’s possible abuse what he has to watch out for. Since Josh is susceptible to abuse… his mother has to protect Josh by preventing anyone from spanking him illegally. Although; Zackery has reduced Josh’s mother’s work efforts, enabling her to do other tasks.


As a “seeing-eye” dog.


Bronze dog with small paws, and a short tail. He has a pink nose, green eyes, long ears, and long fur. He wears a yellow and black collar with metal tiles built-in. He’s a mix between a labrador, and a pitbull. He wears a blue harness with shiny orange rings on it. Like a pitbull… he’s kind of large, but he has short legs. He’s almost as large as Billi!

His nose is kind of rounded. But his head is kind of short. But his head is kind of big. His eyes are medium, and his paws are brown. His skin is also brown.


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Those are his allies who might be friends, or other people.

  • Amelia-Amber

    Main article: Amelia-Amber.

  • Josh

    Josh is his owner.


Those are his enemies,–whether if they’re bullies, villains, or other bad guys.

Coming soon

Relationship with other characters

  • Billi
  • Amelia-Amber


I created this character after some of my classmates started to get used with his guide-dog. When I was at school… I encountered some people who rely on guide-dogs. Although; I used a cane to see where I’m going.

I created Zackery, the bronze dog because, I believe he wants to be a “seeing-eye” dog for my character, Josh who is blind by 1 eye.

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