Maggie the Mermaid

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Type: Mermaid

Size: Large

Weight: 500 lbs

Height: 6.9 feet

Color: White

Maggie is the mermaid who made her dayview via “The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures”. She is a mermaid who wants to save the seas from being damaged by poachers who were greedy. She is Rebecca’s selected mount who gave her an ability to surf, or dive deep. She is kind of an ordinary mermaid, but she has special powers that are built to do anything. For example; she can swim fast, and breathe underwater.

Early Life

Maggie the mermaid was born with her mother and father via an underwater village. She was a very little mermaid who resemble a small mermaid that is only 1 yard tall.

When her father has been killed by poachers who were illegally fishing… Maggie has to live the rest of her life with her mother at age 5.

After 22 Islamic poachers has been found and arrested by people on land, Maggie and her mother has to move to the another home where they’re not going to be susceptible to overfishing, and poaching. They have to live in an old ship that was scuttled by people on land. They started living in this scuttled ship as their new home. That also provided them lots of protection that prevents them from being fished out.

Maggie has started fighting for the environment as she grows up. She has the ability to watch the news, and let her parents know about the poachers who were causing damage to our environment. She is an environmental activist all right, but she is totally a fighter for our environment.

When she was a teenager; she studied underwater sea life, and she also studied marine animals around the world. She also has the ability to memorize other environmental issues. She also learned more about reducing pollution, and choosing renewable energy. Never the less… she also studied why we should stop water pollution.

Maggie lives in a large family of mermaids, and mermen in some underwater house that is built to handle 22 individuals. She used to be a babysitter for other mermaids, and mermen in some families. She used to work as a windmill designer to help cut carbon emissions by 100%.


Friendly, sometimes charming, active, a fighter, and a skilled swimmer. Never the less… she’s also an activist.

Religions what she joined

  • Christianity

    Maggie has became a Christian when she was a teenager. She refused to join Islam,–due to links to terrorism.

  • Catholicism

    Maggie has converted to Catholicism after she finished school. She believe eating too much meat is bad. But she manages to eat more vegetables to resolve her health issues. However; she studied Lent. She believe spanking children is cruel because, that makes their behavior worse. She planned to have children in the future all right, but she has to keep spanking out her family in the future.


Large slender mermaid with red-orange hair, red lips, blue tail, green eyes, small nose, medium ears, big head, large breasts, wears a green bra, long arms, and large hands. Never the less.. her tail is big with a tile pattern.


No cameos just yet.


Kind, and sometimes she takes action with a cause that is related to oceans… she can often resolve issues with her community.


Coming soon


Coming soon


Those are her allies who might be her friends, or any other characters.

  • Rebecca

    Rebecca is Maggie’s rider. She’s also her primary ally. Rebecca is a same kind of an activist who wanted to save the seas.

  • Jeremy
  • Dennis
  • Tony
  • Bradly


Those are the enemies what Maggie currently has. Whether if she was bullied by her enemies, or other bad guys.

Coming soon

Relationship with other characters

No relationship with other characters yet.


There’s no possible trivia just yet.

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