Charlene the Chicken

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Type: Chicken

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Weight: 550 lbs.

Charlene is an anthropomorphic hen who made her dayview via The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round-Creatures. She’s a large chicken who can be ridden by a person. She is a chicken all right, but she’s not raised for food.

Early Life

Charlene starts off as a small chicken, she is a size of a normal chick… she was raised on a farm where they farm chickens for meat and eggs. Her mother is the large hen who lives in a crowded cage with other chickens who can’t even spread their wings to stretch their wings, and walk around. Her brothers are the among persecuted at this egg farm. Only her sisters are the surviving young who wanted to live the different way.

When Charlene’s family has been broken apart,–due to her mother being sent to the slaughter plant to be slaughtered for meat; Charlene was end up a lonely chick. She can see a kind vegetarian picking up other chicks, and bringing them to his farm where most of his animals are NOT raised for meat. Charlene was sad! She wished she don’t want to be eaten, and treated like an egg machine. She also wished she wanted to be a big chicken that is large enough to be ridden.

As the kind vegetarian farmer picked her up from her empty cage, she was taken to his farm to eat and sleep.

When the farm where she was born was turned off by the police; these 44 farmers were arrested for animal cruelty. They aren’t able to restart their own farm because, they were hauled off to prison. Charlene was so happy for the cruel farm to be turned off. She started showing a vegetarian owner a picture of his mother slaughtered at this farm. And the farmer agreed to raise her as a pet only!

While she enjoys her new home; she played with other chicks who were also rescued from these other factory farms. She didn’t go to school just yet,–due to her constant growing. She is an only large chick who is towering over other chicks. She can run good, and trot. All of the other chicks nicknamed her, Charlene the big chick. Other chicks liked her. But Charlene has to be careful NOT to knock down anyone.

When Charlene has grown larger; a kind farmer started riding Charlene to a new coop to lay eggs for the next set of chickens. She enjoys giving her farmer a ride as she explores her new lit coop.

Once Charlene has settled in her new coop; she spent time there with other chickens.


Big white chicken with an orange beak, soft feathers, orange legs, large wings, green eyes, large feet, and soft tail feathers that are pointed, and large-sized feathers.

She looks like a large version of an ordinary chicken! But she has extra features like short claws.


Coming soon


Those are her allies what she currently had. Whether if they’re her friends or not.

  • Vegetarian farmer (older owner)
  • Cody (current owner)
  • Amelia-Amber


  • Slaughter house workers
  • Factory farm workers
  • Relationship with other characters

    No other characters just yet.


    This is my another experimental character what I’ve just created from scratch. I created this character because, I was inspired by some people who shut off the chicken farm where they’re raised for meat.

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