Julia Rabbit

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Type: Rabbit

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Weight: 1000 lbs.

Color: White

Full name: Julia Alison Rabbit

Julia is a white rabbit who made her dayview via a book; A Fair-Dream STORY. She is the first to be a large rabbit via this ebook. Unlike most anthropomorphic rabbits… she can be ridden by a person, speak with an exclusive English UK/English US language, and jump high. She’s also featured as a mount animal… that means she can be ridden. She’s kind of like an oversized rabbit from some fictional books; but she has unique features.

Early Life

When Julia Rabbit’s family has been rescued from the factory farm where rabbits were raised for meat,–during the bust via activists who arrested Muslim men who were illegally slaughtering rabbits for meat, and animal sacrifice; Julia and his family has moved to a new farm where animals are NOT raised for meat. A kind farmer, Martin gave her family a warm home during the cold days, and lots of space to run around. He raises rabbits as companion/show animals only. Most of his rabbits were so happy of their new home because, Martin is a vegetarian. That means; he don’t eat meat!

Julia was just a little kit. But she started to grow bigger each day. Her previous owner, Martin claimed he will start rasing rabbits for riding in the future,–if his rabbits has grown larger. But Julia is the only rabbit who is growing faster. Since Martin used air cleaners to keep his barn supplied with clean air. Since Martin has successfully cleaned the air in his barn, his rabbits begin to grow larger.

Julia lived with her mother; Eilene, and her dad, Scot. They currently lived in Martin’s house during the time when Martin is revamping his barn with new air-cleaning systems.

As Julia is growing up; she went to school to be ride-on service animal for the blind. Her other classmates were startled by Julia’s constant growing. Turns out she was growing bigger. Other rabbits are just learning to be therapy rabbits for some people who were autistic, schizophrenic, or susceptible to abuse.

When Julia has finished school as fast as 8 years; she started to work as a ride-on service animals for some autistic person. She only worked via a short term,–due to her client’s parents who were poor.

Years went by; Julia is now a large rabbit. Martin has successfully trained all of his rabbits to be ridden,–all without any trouble. And that’s when Julia has successfully moved out of her old home to her own place.


Exclusively as a mount animal, helpful, active, gentle, smart, and joyful.


Julia isn’t just a mount animal. She can speak via words. She’s a gentle rabbit… she often hang out with other rabbits. Sometimes, she can easily recognize Violet the fairy as an actual rabbit,–due to her design. She’s a helpful, caring, and she also gets herself on any task what she supports.

Religions what she joined

Julia is exclusively Jewish.


Big white rabbit with upright long ears, large head, green eyes, pink nose, big cottonball tail, long hair, short nails, wears a pink ribbon, and a diamond charm. She also wears a quilt on her back.


Julia appears as a cameo via any content. Whether if she appears as an actual character, or as an object. For example; she may be a cameo for my virtual worlds what I create randomly.

There’s no current cameos just yet.


Those are her relatives.

  • Eilene

    Eilene is Julia’s mother. She used to be a quilting employee, but she was kidnapped by rabbit-farmers who raise rabbits for meat.

  • Scott

    Scott is Julia’s father. He now works a mechanic for the windfarms in some village.


Those are her allies who might be her friends, or other characters.


No enemies just yet.

Relationship with other characters

No other related Characters yet.


I started riding rabbits in my imagination since 2006. I experimented imagining riding rabbits to add functionality to my imagination. I drew a picture of myself riding a rabbit before… it took some time for me to reproduce my imagination to paper, or solid art. I tried lots of art experiments to enable my imagination to print out the results. I used clay, paper, whikky sticks, crayons, and markers to attempt to master it, and I did!

I refused to eat rabbits because, it can harm my reputation. I decided to leave rabbit off my plate because, I always respect rabbits. The more rabbits I spare; the better the world.

I ridden a rabbit on a merry-go-round at the local mall since 2008-2011 during my birthday each year.

I named my imaginary white rabbit, Julia because, I was inspired by a white rabbit via a book “Alice Adventures In Wonderland”> It was my favorite FairyTale.

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