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Type: Human

Gender: Female

Mary is my character who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream Story. She’s a current fairy-believer who lives in Pixington via Moonrise Street. She currently lives in a large house shared with the rest of her remaining family while her mother lives in a different home where she works as a contracter for a large open-source content distribution on a former cable network.

Early Life

When Mary was born; she lived with her mother during the time when Pixington is expanding their subway system to promote use of their expanding service that is designed to cut pollution. They lived in an apartment where it was shared by other residents who were activists who were promoting renewable energy. Although; their apartment is a small apartment. Mary lives with her 4 sisters, and only 2 brothers.

Mary wears a purple dress that makes her look like a princess. Her mother always give her a specialized vegetarian diet during her early childhood. She was also raised without spanking because, her mother believes spanking is cruel, and ungreatful. Her father who was a Muslim man has been visiting Mary, during the time when he was performing community service for the city in New York City.

Mary didn’t see her father because, he was recently sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder. He claimed he was practicing his Islamic beliefs, but his claims has been denied,–due to some people who reported a problem with her father. Mary’s mother has told the police about this issue. She believe her Jewish rights has been infringed. Her ally, Hank has saved her life,–before she was taken out of the city,–bound to the mosque that is placed under a tax lien. However; Hank did risk his life stopping Mary’s father from carrying out a death threat by forcing him to break the stone block.

When Mary and her mother has moved away from the apartment building to a quiet suburb; they rented a home that is far away from the mosque. Mary’s mother received money from Hank as a way for her child and herself to recover from a horrific event. Mary isn’t able to see her father because, he was recently sentenced to 44 years to life in prison,–if convicted.

At age 7, she started going to school, and learned to be a magician. She also did other education after she finished her first day of school. She can be an expert of quilting.

Mary still goes to school as a way to keep herself educated on a regular basis.

Since Mary is a vegetarian… she don’t eat meat at all! Her mother has to keep meat off her plate,–so she can live longer as expected. However; Mary has started growing taller than her father. She started to interact with other kids when she grows up. Although; she oftens retreats to a safe location to prevent herself from being abused by her greedy babysitter who is responsible for neglect.


Tall white slender fairy-like person with white hair, pink lips, wears a large poofy pink dress, white stockings, artificial fairy wings, and a crown.


Mary may appear via any following media content.

  • Fairies Dreams & Fantasy (Main Story)
  • Night Lights In My House (story)


  • Vegetarianism
  • Fairies
  • Jewish culture
  • Tea party
  • Reading
  • Caring for mice
  • Caring for rabbits
  • Movies
  • Acting
  • Dislikes

    Those are Mary’s common dislikes shown below.

  • Marvin being so greedy
  • Islamic culture
  • Mosques
  • Meat industries
  • Coal industries
  • Terrorism (especially Islamic terrorism)
  • Copyfraud
  • Trademark trolls
  • Patent trolls
  • Copyright trolls
  • Religions what she joined

    Mary is exclusively Jewish. She started going to the synagogue to convert to Judaism to stay away from mosques,–due to her mother’s dislike of Islamic culture.


    • Me


    No enemies just yet.


    I gave Mary a large dress,–just like a FairyTale character, Cinderella because, that gives her more a friendlier look. Since straight skirts make her more of a mean look… I set this format for her, so she can be G-rated.

    Mary doesn’t wear highheel shoes… she only wear flats because, she believes she can get more traction when running/walking.

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