Ralph the Dog

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Type: Dog

Subtype: Bulldog

Gender: Male

Size: Medium-large

Weight: 350 lbs.

Length: 6 feet long

Early Life

When Ralph was a puppy; he was rescued from a dog-fighting barn where other bulldogs were stolen from other owners. Ralph wanted to be a gentle dog for a person who is flagged for PTSD; or Schizophrenia. His mother was also rescued from a large truck that didn’t have any cooling system. He discovered 22 men arrested for animal cruelty by the policemen who were trying to stop high levels of dog-fighting with gambling.

When he was moved to a new home with his new owner who owns a Christian church; he became a friendly bulldog for a schizophrenic man who was once abused by his Muslim father. He lived with a schizophrenic man during his training/learning via a student-based school where he goes to. He’s a fast learner all right, but he always play with other dogs who were kind to Ralph. He’s a bulldog who don’t want to be a fighter at all!

As Ralph grew up… he started to work with people with PTSD, and became a therapy dog for this person, and he became a “fail-safe” switch,–if he ever has a seizure, or collapses during heart failure.

As Ralph starts to be trained as a emotional support dog; he started experiencing some other people who were trying to get their lives reset. Ralph often keep his clients calm by making this person comfortable. He also met other working dogs who were responding to a seizure attack taken place in the bedroom of his neighbor who is spending time at his place,–after his home was burned down by 22 Muslim men who escaped from prison.


Active, helpful, gentle, joyful, friendly, happy, sometimes worried about something that is critical, responsive, busy, and sometimes hyper.


Medium-sized brown bulldog with short hair, long tail, green eyes, rounded black nose, long legs, medium-sized paws, and short ears. He wears a blue brass collar around his neck.


No cameos just yet.


Coming Soon

Special Abilities

No special abilities just yet.

Religions what he joined

Ralph is exclusively a Christian.


Those are his likes.

  • Helping others
  • His job
  • Church
  • People
  • School
  • Dislikes

    Those are his dislikes.

    • Being a fighter

      Ralph refused to be a fighter because, he learned a lesson from other bulldogs who were stolen from their owners who were trying to train them as service animals. He remembers the time he was rescued from a dark barn where he used to be treated like a fighter.


    • Harold the fairy

      Harold is his main Ally.

    • Lisa the angel

      Lisa is his ally. She always spreads the world about a critical issue.

    • Rudy


    Those are his enemies.

    No enemies just yet.

    Relationship With Other Characters

    No relationship with other characters yet.


    This is my another experimental character what I’ve just revived from my older parts of my imagination.

    I created this character because, I believe not all bulldogs are mean. Some of them are friendly,–depending on their trainers who train them the right way.

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