Branden the Munk

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Type: Human Character

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Weight: 200 lbs.

Branden is a fictional munk who likes Christianity. However; his parents don’t believe in spanking children. He lost his parents when they’re been persecuted by Muslim gangs who escaped from a land-based prison that was blown up by the leader of the gang. He wished he wanted to be munk to save the Christians from being persecuted. When Branden goes to the church camp… he has to keep the camp protected against arson, and other crime.

Branden makes his first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY, he is kind of like tall guy, but he’s a skilled runner who can run track via any season.

Early Life

Branden is exclusively born in a Christian family. His family has a high level of Islamophobia,–due to recent murder cases. His uncle was a victim of murder when a Muslim man has lured to a mosque where it’s being sold via a tax auction.

When Branden was watching his uncle’s killer being executed via hanging… his mother has sewn him a home-made toy dog to ride to cheer him up. His grandmother has been demanding the government to ban Islam as a last resort. She’s an activist who wanted to ban Sharia from the USA, and protect freedom. Since Branden was protected against trafficking… his enemies who were exclusively Muslim has been shipped away to a floating prison far away from California.

Educational Years

First Grade

As Branden grew up; he started going to school at age 6. He has to attend church each Sunday,–so he won’t be radicalized by Islamic terrorists or extremists.

As he attended school, he taken science, math, spelling, technology, music, reading, writing, and history.

Abusive Babysitter Incident

Branden has planned to be a munk in the future,–if he can go to church each week. But his mother who don’t believe in spanking children has reported a problem with an abusive babysitter who is responsible for abuse.

Branden has suffered multiple days of abuse, his babysitter who is an owner of a mosque has been arrested by the police department, and he was fired from his job. He was a man who is wanted for attacking children at the playground.

Branden was brought to the hospital via ambulance… his mother has told the EMT what exactly happened. She has a VHS tape of a recorded incident. The EMT has watched the video as the another EMT or paramedic helps Branden recover from abuse what his babysitter left behind.

After he spent 44 days in the hospital room; Branden is able to go back to school. His mother has hired a dedicated nurse who is vetted successfully. She started to become Branden’s fail-safe switch. That means; she always watch for any possible signs of threats, and report it immediately.

Second to twelth grade

When Branden passed each test, and did his homework; he started skipping through grades. He has to keep going to different schools. His mother was so proud of raising her son because, she raised him without violence. She believe spanking a child causes him to be violent in nature.


Tall black man with brown hair, green eyes, long legs, little feet, large hands, wears a white shirt, black pants, red shoes, and a red hat.


There’s no cameos just yet.


Exclusively religious! And he oftens become a hero. He always speak up against bullying. He can write songs, make music, and cook his own food.

Religions what he joined

Branden is exclusively a Christian.


Those are his likes.

  • Christianity
  • Gods
  • Bibles
  • Saving the day.
  • Rescuing children


    Those are his dislikes.

  • Islamic Terrorism
  • Spanking
  • Abuse
  • Bullies
  • Allies

  • Me
  • Enemies

    No enemies just yet.


    No trivia info just yet.

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