Keith Monkeyward

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Type: Monkey

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Height: 6 ft.

weight: 200 lbs.

Keith is a black anthropomorphic monkey. He’s Katherine’s father who always tries to prevent issues from rising via the next generation of family of monkeys. He’s an activist who once put an end to spanking successfully,–after his father was taken to prison, due to spanking incident. His mother believes spanking is cruel. Since she owns a cattle farm where it was used for supplying dairy. Although; he made his first dayview via Spanking Ends Today’s fictional stories.

Early Life

When Keith was a little baby, he wears a green shirt with a pair of brown pants. He resembles a 24-inch tall monkey without a tail. He lives with his mother during his early education via school… his father is currently doing time in prison that is far from his home. His brothers are just doing laundry,–before they ever go to school. Keith hasn’t met his father just yet. He asked his mother to see his father behind bars.

While Keith is 2 years old; he visited his father who is spending some years behind bars. His mother has told him a story about his father’s criminal status. Keith felt a bit lonely. His father is just eating his sandwich as he reads a book to his son. He likes a story about lions and tigers.

Although; his father can’t contact the outside world because, his visitation is monitored to prevent sudo visits from happening.

As his mother left Keith’s father alone at the visitation area; the guards has taken him back to the cell,–doing his time. Usually, his father does certain activities while he’s serving time behind prison walls. He usually read books, do crossword puzzles, and take classes.

When Keith is about 7 years old, he has to get used to living without his father. He goes to some school to be educated. He taken math, science, reading, technology, and art.

When Keith is about 20 years old; he finished school, and he started working as a provider for impounding vehicles after a DUI incident. He still works as a provider because, he supports victims of drunk driving.

Current Life

He has 2 children, and he’s still a provider who stop drunk drivers. He’s currently a vendor for preventing drunk drivers from driving their vehicles.


Helpful, strict, as a parent, smart, active, always on duty, responsible for rasing children without violence, and he’s also a skilled technician for tracking down DUI suspects.


Tall muscular monkey with black hair, dark skin resembling an African-American or black person, brown eyes, wears a yellow shirt, black jeans, yellow socks, and red shoes.


There’s no cameos just yet.

Religions what he joined

Keith has tried out the following religious groups:

  • Christian
  • Judaism
  • Budism
  • Catholic (current)

Special Abilities

No special abilities just yet.


Those are his relatives:


There’s no existing allies yet.


No enemies yet

Relationship with other characters

No other characters just yet.

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