Lisa the Angel

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Type: Angel

Gender: Female

Color: White

Lisa is a fictional angel who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY. She’s an angel who has fear or dislike of Muslims who were involved in burning down a church that is located in Long Island, NY. She wanted to be Christian, and support her religious belief. She is an only angel who lives in a church-like building. Although; she’s different than a fairy. But her wings are different, but she can fly.

Like most angels; she can fly with other angels, and she often play games with them too.

Although; she lives in a family who is part black, and part white.

Early Life

When Lisa was born in a family who is part black, and part white… she resembles an angel with a pair of white wings, brown hair, green eyes, red lips,medium ears, small nose that resembles a nose of a rat, long legs, short arms, and a short neck. She wears a white dress,–just like traditional angels; but she wears a pair of soft shoes.

Lisa discovered his mother is white, and her father is black, and they’re both married. They do have 13 children who were raised without violence. Although her parents are financially stable. That means; they always prepare themselves for any critical events.

Although; Lisa is part Jewish,–due to her mother’s Jewish family.

At age 4; Lisa was prompted NOT to go to any mosque,–due to her parents’ action to combat terrorism. However; Lisa is afraid of Islamic culture because, she believed most suspects who once bombed the power station in Kansas. She always watch the news to keep herself entertained.

At age 8; Lisa and his parents has moved to their new home, after they heard the news about the Muslim man who is wanted for fraud, trafficking, and money laundering. They moved to a church-like building to stay away from this dangerous man who owned a dangerous Mosque.

At age 16; Lisa has started going to work at the sandwich shop,–serving kosher only food. She prefer to do this task because, she believes slaughtering animals for meat is bad. She hasn’t left meat off her plate just yet. Her employer who is also Jewish has prased her task because, she chosen to serve better food to her customers in a large city in some kingdom who needed help to stop terrorism.

Current Life

Lisa is now a guardian angel who is dedicated to keep children safe at home. She also became a working angel who is spreading the word about common issues with our world.


Ultra-religious, worried, epic, and sometimes kind to others.


Tall slender angel with brown hair, wears a white dress with a yellow apron, gold stockings, flat purple shoes, and a gold halo. Her wings are white with bronze diamonds.


No cameos just yet.

Religions what she joined

Lisa has joined the following religions:

  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Budism


  • Branden
  • Ralph


No enemies just yet

Relationship with other characters

No other characters yet

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