Anninne-Amelia Julisus

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Type: Fairy.

Multiple Type: Yes

Height: 9.5 feet tall.

Gender: Female.

Full Name: Anninne-Amelia Lawrence Julisus


Early Life

Anninne-Amelia was born with her Jewish/Japanese mother who lives in New York City. She resembles a 3 feet tall fairy. However; she started growing fast,–due to growth spurs. Her dad who is 6 ft. and 12 in. tall believes she started growing so fast when her mother was constantly caring for her. Although; her dad isn’t actually Jewish; he’s part Rastafarian, part Hindu, part Buddhist, part Christian, and part Catholic. But he doesn’t believe in spanking children because, he believes raising children without inducing pain and suffering is one way to prevent violence from spreading.

Anninne-Amelia’s mother has strategically subscribed to educational TV for her because, she was attempting to get her life started without relying on other care-givers who were subject to be screened for history of abuse, and neglect. Since Anninne-Amelia is a sensetive child who isn’t house-broken yet… her mother has to childproof her entire items.

When Anninne-Amelia is dressed up… Anninne-Amelia wears a blouse with pink and white flowers on it with a matching skirt. She also wears a lavender apron, white stockings, and flat shoes. Her fairy wings are soft, but they’re not rigid just yet. She also wears a tiara with diamonds that are gold.


Although; Anninne-Amelia started going to school at age 1; so she can be educated. Her mother wanted her to be educated as early as possible,–so she can learn something new. Her father who is a Buddhist has claimed raising his daughter as a vegetarian is key to keep her healthy. Since Anninne-Amelia is susceptible to grow fast… both of her parents has to constantly change homes.

Each time afterschool; Anninne-Amelia has played with other children at her favorite neighbor’s place as her mother goes on a hunt for a new home. She has met other fairies as she enjoys her time afterschool.. She learned letters, and numbers as fast as a computer gets programmed with new software. Since she’s only left-handed… she can make new items during art. But her friends never bully her in any other way!

At night; Anninne often stay awake,–even if she tries to sleep. Her mother is just watching a film on TV. Since she’s an activist who supports internet freedom, and copyright reform… she has to boycott certain movie companies who support harsh copyright restrictions that are built to silence fair-use. Untold; she donated up to $500,000 to take out these greedy trolls. Since she owns a computer; she has to protect it from being seized without a warrent. Anninne wanted to see a movie to capture what’s going on in our world. But her mother told her about a film that is designed for advanced activists.

Babysitter Issues

Between ages of 2 and 6; Anninne-Amelia often gets her neighbor into trouble when she tried to modify a VCR system. But she thought they’re building blocks. But her mother never hits Anninne under any other way, or any other reason. But she learned an answer from her neighbor’s babysitting flaws However; the babysitter has failed to provide educational content to Anninne. That’s when her mother started suing him for possible abuse that’s been prevented by Anninne’s ally who is speaking up for her.!

Anninne’s previous babysitter has been in a car accident,–due to a drunk driver who is involved in DUI. Anninne has missed her babysitter because, she provided educational content for her TV service. Her babysitter was hospitalized up to 44 days, but her babysitter has constant fear of nurses, and she has to undergo operation, and a strict vegetarian diet to stay away from meat sources. However; Anninne has visited her as she recovers from a crash. Her parents has sued a drunk driver for her medical bills.

Making Room For A Next Child

Anninne-Amelia has been living with her mother, but she has to go to a different apartment to make room for her mother’s next child. Anninne uses a VCR to watch movies that are made by an open-source community who supports public domain content. Its a redesign of a VCR that is designed to record/play reusable movies that are strategically licensed,–enable our community to reuse their content free of charge. Anninne is often treated like a royal princess. She always have tea served to her during dinner time.

Big Brother Issues & Force-Feeding Incident

Anninne-Amelia has been dealing with her big brother who is NOT respecting her what she expected him to do so. She often runs away from her greedy brother who often gets himself into trouble,–due to his conduct at school. Anninne-Amelia’s mother has been trying to get her son to change his ways, but her strategy has gone better, but Anninne-Amelia has to take cover to keep herself safe against harm. Her sister who is ethical has been trying to protect Anninne from violance.

Since her brother has converted to Islam without his mother’s permission… he ran from home, and he was involved in fraud, and other criminal acts. However; he was facing probation, and he was ordered to leave Islam.

However; Anninne-Amelia has been checked for possible food allergies when one of her big brothers force-fed her pork products. Anninne-Amelia is officially allergic to pork,–also chicken and beef. Her mother has punished Anninne’s brother for force-feeding Anninne-Amelia certain foods what she don’t want to eat. According to her dad, she isn’t allowed to eat chicken, rabbit, beef, pork, turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, liver, or any other meat that is NOT good for her health. Anninne-Amelia has spent days in a hospital room someplace at a modern children’s hospital,–getting all of the bad food out of her. Her mother has defined this issue as a critical issue.

Elementary Education

Anninne-Amelia has grew taller at age 7! She is going to school at the elementary school where terrorism is not allow to spark. Her teacher has to find a desk for her to use. She can tower over smaller students. But many students like her because, she is an only student who can reach things for them.

Anninne-Amelia has started her mission to stop bullies from attacking disabled students. She can stop over 4 bullies each day. Never the less; she became a president of their student body at her school.

Anninne-Amelia has grew again at age 14! She grew up as 8.5 feet tall. She often work out during the weekends. Since she can run good… she became a track star per each event. She was a new ally for some students at her junior high school. She started to prevent bullying from happening at the school campus,–after some of these students tried to get help from her.


When Anninne-Amelia has stopped growing at age 18… she finished school, and she started to work as a technician for the windmill yard someplace in Kansas. Her job is to work with computers, and other data-managing tools.

Anninne-Amelia has taken classes to become a nurse,–due to recovery at a hospital where she was treated. She also learned to become an EMT for an ambulance service. However; she starts off as a nurse,–caring for injured children and adults.

Family & Relatives

Anninne-Amelia lives in a modarately large family that retains at least $500,000. Typically, this family is stable enough to handle more children.

These relatives are sorted in order:

Paris Rose Marie Spikes

Andrew’s mother, grandparent of current grandchildren.

Silvia Julisus

Stephanie’s mother, grandmother of current grandchildren.

Tim Julisus

Grandfather, Silvia’s husband.

Mr. Ken-George

Paris’s husband

Stephanie Julisus

Stephanie Julisus is Anninne-Amelia’s mother. She often works at 2 places. She’s also a parent who choose to have her children vaccinated over dependency of religion. Despite being a nurse, she works at a group home, and she’s also an amateur quilt designer. She also puts her money to work as she cares for Anninne-Amelia, and other children.

Andrew McJohnson

That’s her father.

Debbie Julisus


Ted Julisus


Associations with the following Cults

The Julisus family is notorious of persecuting slave catchers as a way to free slaves, and they’re notorious of blowing up plantations during the 1400s to 1890s. This cult has intentionally scorched plantations where slaves are forced to do their jobs with no pay. Typically, the Julisus family has been associated with other cults who free slaves, and execute slave owners, or hold slave owners captive for years. They condemn all slave trades and human trafficking,–and sex slavery.

The Julisus cult are notorious of fleeing to Japan as a way to evade capture,–after they freed slaves.

These strategically formed cults has freed over many number of slaves each year. However; this cult still free slaves each day.

Despite anti-spanking movements; they often punish spankers by blindfolding them, and sending them to proprietary prisons.


As a mount, always speaks up and take action against bullying, as a nurse, as an EMT, friendly, royal, majestic, gentle, and sometimes kind to other fairies.


Riding Anninne-Amelia Julisus
This is me riding Anninne-Amelia Julisus in my dream. Anninne is a large fairy who is different from most fairies.
Anninne-Amelia Julisus as a fairy at the right with Mary riding Kimberly at the left
Anninne-Amelia wearing a green dress with a gold apron without her tiara

Tall slender anthropomorphic dog as a fairy with long red-orange hair, light skin, red-orange nose, blue eyes, and2 top medium-sized buck teeth that are close to each other… displaying a vertical ridge and their short. She has white fairy wings that resemble a butterfly, and a tail of a poodle. She wears a white blouse with a big poofy skirt with an apron,–almost resembling Cinderella’s gown, white stockings, flat white shoes with blue flowers, a gold tiara, a diamond necklace with a large charm, and clip-on ear rings, and a white T-shirt underneath her main blouse. Never the less… she also wear pink shorts during the summer, or blue jeans during the winter. Her dress does have a “V” form for her neck, but it’s a higher format to prevent cleavage from displaying. Her mother’s strategic dress code is key to prevent her daughter from being sexualized as a way to stick with older fashion trends that are family-friendly.

Anninne-Amelia wears a headband with bronze gems built-in. That gives her a fairy-like appearance.


Anninne-Amelia Julisus is currently White. Despite her race, she has an African-American father. Stephanie is her Jewish/Japanese mother.


No cameos yet.

Vegetarian Status

Anninne-Amelia Julisus is exclusively a vegetarian. That means; she can’t eat any meat,–except for fish. She can’t eat eggs because, allergies to chicken meat is one main reason. Since she care about owning rabbits; she believes rabbit meat is considered as dirty meat!
But some of her allies at school claimed she own rabbits.

According To Stephanie Julisus, Anninne-Amelia enjoys a taste of Japanese cuisine over American cuisines because, she believes Japanese is better for her.

Favorite Foods

  • Carrots
  • Strawberries
  • Vegetarian Pizza
  • Crab with pasta
  • Baked Potato
  • Tofu
  • Ferina
  • Sushi

Likes & Dislikes


  • Vegetarianism
  • Being A Fairy
  • Anti-Spanking Laws
  • Movies (open-source and reusable content only)
  • Working as a nurse
  • Public libraries
  • Writing
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Forests
  • Planting trees


Coming Soon

Pets what she owns

Coming Soon

Religions what she joined

Anninne-Amelia is exclusively Jewish, but she’s also a Rastafarian, a Buddhist, but NOT a Christian.


This fairy has given me a ride to fly in the magical house where she resides. During 2004; she appeared as a powerful fairy who is almost like a fairy princess of some sort. I shrunk while I was riding on these large poodles in my dream. Although; she is kind of like a giant fairy… but she’s specially designed to be exclusively mounted by me,–after I lost my vision.

Appearing as quick as a flash with a loud POOF… I shrunk so small; I started to think about believing in fairies, and I stuck with believing in fairies.

This fairy with large wings should NOT be confused with angel wings. Her unique pair of wings are like butterfly wings of some sort. She is crowned because, that gives her a fairy-like appearance. Due to high use of computers overtime; she resembles a giant-sized fairy from some queendom.

This fairy has been going wherever I go. But she came with a solution as she found the way for me to keep up with her. She became a ride-on fairy for me.


Those are her allies who were friends, or other characters. Don’t have to be a same character type.


No enemies yet.

Relationship with other characters

No related characters yet.


The big skirt of some sort what my fairy is wearing with her complete clothing reminds me of a woman I met at some school what I used to go to since 5th grade. But I don’t remember her… Maybe my autograph book what I used to have must’ve been forgotten of, or lost.

Her tiara what Anninne-Amelia wears resembles my attempt to believe in fairies since 2005.

She holds a wand on her left hand because, I write with my left hand. That makes it easier for her to write documents and develop something new. Unlike most fairies who were only right-handers… she can work her wand without any trouble!

She is part religious all right… but she never went to church. Since her family prefers to have children raised without violence. Anninne’s mother as wished spanking children for any reason is prohibited by law,–after she discovered her abusive babysitter hitting her friend at a local daycare center. And one of the employees has reported a babysitter to the police. Anninne is the only child protected against being spanked by 1000%.


Anninne-Amelia is inspired by Roxanne, a Disney character via “A Goofy Movie” and “House Of Mouse”… but Anninne-Amelia is taller, and she has a larger head with longer hair.

Anninne-Amelia’s bright blouse with a matching skirt is like Cinderella’s large gown, but rigid and larger.

A tiara what she wears is inspired by a royal princess or queen.

Anninne-Amelia can either speak English (UK), English (US), or Japanese.


Stephanie has named her “Anninne-Amelia” because, she is such a unique fairy.

Her short name is Anninne.

Her name is extended with “Amelia” after a dash helps prevent confusion between other fairies with a similar name. Annie is a confusing name to Anninne.

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