Harold the Fairy

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Type; Fairy

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Normal Fairy: Yes

Early Life

Harold was a little fairy when he was born in a family who is a group of small fairies. Due to large fairies that are appearing in Pixington,–a place where currently resides… he has to be moved to a different department where small fairies are kept. His mother is an only large fairy who has a small child who isn’t able to grow correctly,–due to growth disorder.

During his childhood

When he was at school, many students has bullied him, and he was susceptible to being crushed by any other student who were trying to crush him. His teacher didn’t even take action at all. His counseler has condemned his teacher for a harsh neglect. He was badly bruised when he was playing at the large gym where fairies were flying freely. However; students who were not flying were the suspects who were involved in bullying.

Harold has been trying to get himself larger by eating more vegetables. But he was strictly fed with a traditional diet with meat. His mother was a standard fairy, but she’s NOT a vegetarian at all! Harold’s father is an only vegetarian who is taller than his mother. And his mother is tall up to 5 ft. and 12in.

While Harold is recorvering from being bullied at school; he enjoyed going to a park where they host events that focused on mythology, and other fairy-like culture. Harold has taken a pony ride down the trails of the park to a camp where he will reside for a while. His father has started his new organization that will help children who were the victims of bullying at school.

After many years of recovery… he continued riding ponies to keep himself calm for some time. His mother has to report a problem with a school what he went to via the counseling services.

Harold has to take years of schooling at home as a safety to prevent further bullying. That caused the teacher who is NOT helping Harold at all to be suspended without pay for a year during an investigation.

When his teacher was fired from school; Harold has to transfer to the another school that is free of bullies.

Young Adulthood

When he finally finished school at age 19; he worked as a construction worker at the subway system,–expanding tunnels for the train system.


As a normal fairy.


No Cameos Yet.

Religions what he joined

Harold hasn’t joined any religions yet. Due to his fear of being crushed by other people at any religious department; he has to skip religion.


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  • Bullies
  • Allies

  • Branden
  • Ralph
  • Samantha
  • Gabrielle Goose
  • Me
  • Cody
  • Violet
  • Enemies

    No enemies just yet.

    Relationship with other characters


    I created my character who has fear of bullies. He is a sensetive fairy who doesn’t deserve to be violent in nature. He’s also a black fairy what I created to resemble black victims of bullying at some school. I was bullied at school, and nobody spoke up for me!

    Harold is only a small fairy in my imagination. He used to eat meat. Now these days; he is now a vegetarian,–due to his mother’s heart problems.

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