Branden the Munk

Type: Human Character

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Weight: 200 lbs.

Branden is a fictional munk who likes Christianity. However; his parents don’t believe in spanking children. He lost his parents when they’re been persecuted by Muslim gangs who escaped from a land-based prison that was blown up by the leader of the gang. He wished he wanted to be munk to save the Christians from being persecuted. When Branden goes to the church camp… he has to keep the camp protected against arson, and other crime.

Branden makes his first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY, he is kind of like tall guy, but he’s a skilled runner who can run track via any season.

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Type: Human

Gender: Female

Mary is my character who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream Story. She’s a current fairy-believer who lives in Pixington via Moonrise Street. She currently lives in a large house shared with the rest of her remaining family while her mother lives in a different home where she works as a contracter for a large open-source content distribution on a former cable network.

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Ahmed Omar -Hamza

Type: Human

Gender: Male

Color: White

height: 6 feet

Weight: 200 pounds

Ahmed Omar-Hamza is a young Muslim man who is a mastermine who is too difficult to handle in some prisons what he just blew up. His criminal mind started when he was a teenager. He was once expelled from school, and his parents has punished him for terrorism-like activities. Turns out… he’s just a man who claimed he complies with Sharia law, but his mother has punished him for bullying some students who were trying to report a problem with a package what Ahmed has brought to school, but it was actually his modified version of a digital movie player what he just built from scratch.

He made his first dayview via “A Fair-Dreams Story” book. Sometimes he gets angry so bad, his parents has to cool him down.

Via spending time in jail; he often gets himself into trouble,–due to his violent act. He was put into solitary confinement to do time,–before his upcoming trial.

After his trial; he was sentence to life behind bars. But he claimed his rights has been infringed by corrupt officials. He breaks out of prison with rage, and he’s been recaptured. He got even powerful when he turned into a couger,–terrorizing the city.

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