Ahmed Omar -Hamza

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Type: Human

Gender: Male

Color: White

height: 6 feet

Weight: 200 pounds

Ahmed Omar-Hamza is a young Muslim man who is a mastermine who is too difficult to handle in some prisons what he just blew up. His criminal mind started when he was a teenager. He was once expelled from school, and his parents has punished him for terrorism-like activities. Turns out… he’s just a man who claimed he complies with Sharia law, but his mother has punished him for bullying some students who were trying to report a problem with a package what Ahmed has brought to school, but it was actually his modified version of a digital movie player what he just built from scratch.

He made his first dayview via “A Fair-Dreams Story” book. Sometimes he gets angry so bad, his parents has to cool him down.

Via spending time in jail; he often gets himself into trouble,–due to his violent act. He was put into solitary confinement to do time,–before his upcoming trial.

After his trial; he was sentence to life behind bars. But he claimed his rights has been infringed by corrupt officials. He breaks out of prison with rage, and he’s been recaptured. He got even powerful when he turned into a couger,–terrorizing the city.


Early Life

Ahmed Omar-Hamza was born in his hometown, Dallas in Texas with his mother who is a Budist. She was Jewish Earlier. His father is an immigrant from Iran. He was a convicted copyfraudster who stole content that doesn’t belong to his company who provided entertaining content. His father goes to a mosque where it once ran since 1999. But the mosque what he goes to everyday has been closed,–due to tax liens, suspected activities of money laundering, and terrorism financing.

From age 1 to 7; Ahmed attended school in Texas. He was a shy little student who is reading some books what his teacher has assigned him to read. Ahmed likes reading a book about ships of all types. His students who were his friends liked him, and they offered him to read for them, but he has to take some time to read his current book what he just have on his desk.

From age 8 to 13;–during his birthday events, he enjoys going to a movie theater to watch his favorite movies what he like to watch. He wished he wanted to make a movie all right, but his mother has to find a place for him to learn how to make videos.

when he was 15 years old; he was involved in blowing up a synagogue,–injuring 200 people and burning up all of the policemen who were trying to arrest him. He did this after he arrived from Iran. His father wasn’t there. He is still in Iran,–repairing a mosque that needs a new roof. Ahmed claim he blew up the synagogue because, he doesn’t like Jews. But what he did is wrong. He was involved in arson, and other hate crimes. He was constantly reading his Quran with him as he ran from police.

The owner of the synagogue has demanded Ahmed to owe them money for burning down their property. She chased Ahmed down the street, and contacted other police officers to capture him. But Ahmed is too fast to catch.

Ahmed fled to Turkey to hang out with his early classmates who were studying Turkish culture. He rented a room in some hotel complex that is still being repaired.

As he was extradited to California for bombing a synagogue, he was placed behind bars of some prison that is secure all right. But during transport; he blew up the van,–wiping out all of these officers who were trying to bring him to the court in California.

He stayed hidden for the past 5 years. He didn’t find any school available because, he was expelled at age 13.

When Ahmed Omar-Hamza was expelled from school, his mother has punished him for his bullying act against children. He didn’t even make his first movie, and his favorite motorcycle what he used to use for racing has been seized by the tax authorities,–due to his mother who reported possible fraudulent purchases on her credit card. Most likely; Ahmed’s friend has been involved in credit card fraud. And he was on the run. And he started his gange someplace. His father was also mad at Ahmed,–due to his bad report card. But his father was stopped by his grandmother to prevent his father from spanking Ahmed!

During his first extradition… he was flown by airplane by the USA; he was restrained while he was sent to prison,–waiting for his trial in California. He met his friends who were behind bars,–due to their dangerous acts against our society.


Tall muscular 6-foot tall man wearing a red prison suit; white with black hair, a long beard, brown eyes, small nose, and short arms. This is his suit what he wears in prison,–matching to a mobile prison ship. However; his suit is the same when he’s inside a prison on land.


  • Reading
  • Attending the mosque
  • Quran
  • Cats


  • Prison
  • Policemen or policewomen arresting him
  • Court
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Going Vegetarian
  • Loss of internet priviliges

Religion What he Joined

  • Islam (current)



  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Quran


  • Insane strength
  • Stolen Motorcycles
  • Ramming


  • Gary


Coming Soon


I named my character, Ahmed Omar-Hamza because, it reminds me of a fraudster who is sent to prison for terrorizing our community someplace.

The character what I've just created reminds me of a suspect who is spending time behind bars for terrorism.

Author's Note

This character what I created is my experimental villain what I'm working with. However; I'm still working with his special powers.

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