Violet the Fairy

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Type: fairy

Multiple type: yes

Wing size: large

Gender: female

Size: large

Violet is a large fairy who made her first dayview via a book A Fair-Dream Story. She’s a large fairy who is part-fox, part-butterfly, part-lagomorph, and part fairy. She has an ability to fly without any effort. She has an ability to handle her rider longer than any other fairy. She’s sort of like a fairy… but she is different than any other fairy.


Early Life

When Violet the fairy was born with her mother, she may look like an ordinary fairy… but she has a tail of a rabbit, a body of a rabbit, wings like a butterfly, fur like a fox, and she has 2 large front teeth like a rabbit. Her mother named her Violet because, she never had a unique fairy like this befor!

When she was a little baby; she worn a violet dress with rainbow flowers on it. She didn’t learn to fly just yet because, her wings hasn’t been fully developed just yet. But she can hop across the rugged floor. Her ability to use magic is limited,–due to her mother using her wand for other uses. She didn’t wore a crown just yet… but she wore a hat that goes to her head.

At age 2; she grew so big; she outgrew her crib. She was fed with a strict vegetarian diet that prevents her from eating meat. She is a vegetarian all right; but she can’t eat rabbit meat, chicken, beef, pork, duck, and other meat. But she can exclusively eat fish, and shrimp. Her mother believes she needs to eat more vegetables to get dessert later. She has to prevent Violet’s big brother and big sister from giving her meat-based food that is not good for her.

At age 4; Violet started to slow down with her growing… her mother has moved to a new house that is larger. Violet does have the ability to fly. Her mother thought she is a 6-legged fairy, but she has a pair of arms like a human, but she still has a body of a rabbit. But her 4 legs are only used for locomotion. Her tail has an ability to move independently. Her mother has to teach Violet how to fly via a different way. Her large wings has gave her a special ability to fly longer in the sky. Unlike ordinary fairies; she can land and take off anywhere. And she can go almost any direction. Although; she’s lagomorphic.

At age 23; she stopped growing. Although; she pretty young… but her mother is about 77 years old. Her grandmother is about 125 years old. She became a working fairy in Pixington,–becoming a companion fairy for some people who wanted fairies.


Large fairy with a body of a rabbit (tail and 4 legs intact), wings like a butterfly, big head, 2 short arms like a human (modified with fur), and long legs.

Religions what she joined

Violet is exclusively Jewish… she used to be a Budist.


These are her allies who are friends, or normal allies who aren’t friends just yet,–or any other allies. Her allies don’t have to be just fairies.

Coming Soon


These are her enemies who are bullies, villains, or any bad guys that caused Violet to experience difficulties, or worse.

Coming Soon

Relationship With Other Characters

These are the related Characters that don’t have to be related to these characters via a certain family. But don’t be confused with relatives.

  • Annie
  • Amanda


I named my fairy, Violet because, that reminds me of leaving rabbit meat off my plate,–after my grandmother cooked rabbit meat. I decided to get me a strict vegetarian diet with shrimp.

I imagined riding rabbits when supported. I designed my fairy like this because, my dreams are complex.

I added butterfly wings to her,–so she can fly.

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