Gabrielle Goose

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Type: Goose.

Gender: Female

Size: Large

Color: White

Height: 7.5 feet

Weight: 750 lbs.

Gabrielle is an anthropomorphic white goose,–owned by Samantha… a young girl who rides her as a mount. She’s also a friendly goose made her first appearance via a main story of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. Unlike other geese, she can speak via words.

She’s also an activists who wants to cut pollution, and end coal-mining to save our planet, and our water system. And ban crude oil from New Kingdom, a fictional kingdom where they have to reduce all of the dirty fuels around the entire kingdom.


Large white goose with an orange beak, soft feathers, orange feet, wears a bronze wig; reflective green eyes; and she wears violet shoes.

She’s sort of like a goose, but most geese are just larger than ducks. However she’s BIG!

Development of this character

On 2004; I developed my very own character, Gabrielle Goose when experimenting with my journals what I’m writing. It took me a short time or so to create her from scratch. It was kind of successful when I started adding my first character to my stories. I have to start doing further development of this character because, I have to keep working with her as I write other books.

Over the past 12 years… I almost forgotten about my first character what I created since years ago. That’s when I decided to redeploy her to my new stories what I write sometime. It was successful when I started further development of my character when I launched my website earlier. I also launched an owner, Samantha who is going to ride her goose as her mount. Why I included a girl as an owner because, my goal is to group together some characters what I can create from my imagination.

I redeveloped her as an animated form of a goose because, this is a new format that will be used for my stories, and other content,–whether if it’s an audio content, or any kind of content.


Charming, fun, joyful, intellagent, caring, active, and sometimes helpful to others.

Most importantly she can be anyone’s mount,–so she can be ridden by anyone,–not just her owner. She often Become an environmental activist to keep polluters out. She doesn’t act like a normal goose,–equivalent to a house pet. But she has a goose-like accent,–giving her an ability to speak English UK, or English US,–or Austrailian English. She also interact with other people to organize a project to keep their subway system running with new kind of energy via wind.

Unlike most domestic geese, she’s friendly.


  • None
  • Likes

    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon!


    Those are her allies who were her friends,–but not limited to other allies. Her allies are either other people or her peers.


    Coming Soon!

    Abilities/Special Powers

    These are her special abilities what she has. Whether she can do any magic powers or not. Her abilities can be used when supported. However; her abilities what she can do aren’t limited to special powers.

    • Ability to be ridden by her owner, or anyone due to her size.
    • Speak via words.

    Relationship with other characters

    These characters aren’t actually relatives of this character. Those are other characters that are related to similar characters.

    Coming Soon!


    I named her “Gabrielle” because, I coundn’t find her an available name within my older yearbooks. I must’ve chosen which name I need to name my character. I gave her a chosen name as an availability.

    I thought up my own character as a goose when experimenting with writing in my journal when staging my writing abilities. I didn’t this stealth development of my character to keep my spying mother, and big sister from infecting my work with malicious content that I don’t know.

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