Annie the Fairy

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Type: Fairy

Height: 8.5 feet.

Wing size: Large

Gender: Female.

Wing type: Butterfly wing (angled).

Annie is my fairy who is my backup fairy who features as a placeholder mount via my main story of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. She’s an only fairy who is taller than my other fairy, Amanda. She can use her magic wand via any uses,–not limited to granting wishes. She has an ability to fly long with her mount riding her, and she can handle the cold environment because she likes the ice and snow. Her favorite climate is a cold climate because, she likes to reduce pollution, and build windmills. Due to Annie’s design; she can only handle cold places. She don’t eat meat, and she don’t eat eggs. Annie is also a vegetarian… that means, she only eat plant-based food.

Annie also promotes use of a subway system to cut air pollution by 75%. She can easily plan out a mission to save our world from global warming.



Tall, slender anthropomorphic dog; light skin; long silver hair; silver eyes; pink lips; large silver wings with a glitter background with a shiny format; and a pinkish red-orange nose. She wears a big poofy Silver dress with a pinkish silver apron; Silver Stockings, silver shoes; and a silver tiara with a removable diamond. She also holds a magic wand on her left hand. Her wand always has a large star on top.

Unlike Amanda… Annie is larger than her. She can spread out her wings to make them look like they’re rigid. However; Annie has a large head, but her neck is thicker than a human neck,–thicker than Amanda’s neck.

Annie is shiny as a mirror, but reflective. That gives the motorists the ability to see her in the dark. She has this feature because, she likes dressing up like a metal fairy. Her dress, stockings, shoes, apron, and her tiara are her primary clothes what she wears. Her poofy dress is larger than Cinderella’s gown. However; Annie’s dress is kind of rigid!

When flying… Annie can spread her wings, and stretch them out,–making her resemble a large-winged fairy. The front and back parts of her dress flattens and the sides expands outward,–resembling extra set of wings of some sort. Her legs are stretched,–giving her ability to balance her weight in the sky,–just like a jet.. But she can adjust randomly to change her flying preference. She keeps her head to an upright position,–just like some 4-legged animals. She keeps her arms to a certain position. She always hold her wand constantly by 75%. Her hands has a total of 8 fingers. Three fingers and 1 thumb on each hand.

Sometimes… she can turn into any animal,–depending on her capabilities. For example; she can turn into a rabbit,–if her normal fairy body isn’t capable at some places., or adjusting her flying method.


A Fair-Dream STORY

Annie appears as a live cameo. She is the leader of the underground subway expansion.


  • Saving our planet from climate change.
  • Cold climates
  • Eating carrots as her favorite snack.
  • Planting plants in the garden.
  • Stopping the poachers from illegal hunting.
  • Helping others
  • Flying with other fairies.
  • Tearing down old coal-burning plants to promote renewable energy.
  • Dressing up like a princess.
  • Granting wishes for everyone around the world.
  • Drinking tea
  • Eating eggless tarts with fruit inside
  • Prevent oil pipeline construction
  • Save children from being spanked by anyone
  • Prevent poaching
  • Caring for rabbits and mice,–and also rats
  • Support use of a subway system to cut air pollution
  • Software freedom


Coming Soon!



Coming Soon


Via my dream since 2005; I’ve experimented riding large fairies over a large palace,–where the friendly princesses live. They launched this large fairy just for me because I transitioned from my previous belief. I stuck with believing in fairies because, it’s easier for me to go to the next level. When riding a fairy; that gives me the ability to keep up with other fairies.

Comparing to Amanda; she’s larger than any other fairy. Her wings are strong enough to keep her in the sky for a long time.

Relationship to other characters

These are other characters what she may be related too. But Not literally related to any family of fairies.

  • Amanda
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