Lennie Baugh

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Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Height: 6.3 feet

Weight: 550 lbs.

Full Name: Lennie Davis Baugh-Mouse

Lennie is an anthropomorphic black mouse who is Amy’s cousin. He is a smart mouse who likes school, resolving issues, and speaking up against bullying. Although; he oftens spoils his foster cousin, Katherine; she’s a greedy cousin who wants to do things what she want to do. Lennie is a talented music artist who wants to be a musician as he grows up.

Early Life

When Lennie was born; he was a little black mouse wearing a blue shirt with yellow pants. He resembles a 1-foot long large black fancy mouse. His long tail is in a spiral format. He is raised by his mother, Sandra. He enjoys living his mother as he plays with his favorite toys in his crib. He discovered Amy Mouse playing on her favorite large ride-on toy cat. Lennie has his own toys what he plays with during his learning, and education time.

At age 1; Lennie has outgrew his old crib, he started playing together with Amy as they watch TV . They enjoyed watching cartoons that are safe for children.

When he was 4 years old, his mother worked as a server administrator for a website hosting company. Lennie started going to school during the fall. Amy goes to a same school what Lennie goes to. They often play together,–building blocks, and reading books.

When Lennie is 8 years old; he continued attending school. However; he’s a sensitive student who is susceptible to being bullied by other students. He always let his teacher know what’s actually happening. For example; he said something,–after he saw something… his teacher has removed a bully in question away from one of these students in the classroom. The bully who is in the classroom was Islamic, and he was permanently expelled from school for attempting to threaten a student who is studying Judaism, and Jewish culture during her free time.

Although; Lennie was an activist against bullying, but the another bully has thrown him across the gym during the track event. Other students spoke up for him,–resulting the another bully who is Islamic is expelled, and taken to prison,–all without a hearing. His mother has sued the mosque for allowing a student to bully Lennie.

When the school what Lennie attends has implemented a policy to prevent bullying from happening; many of Lennie’s ffriends has started campaigning to speak up for other children who were bullied..

When Lennie is 9 years old; he attended a Jewish school during the evenings. He often read books to some children under 7;–providing them entertainment in the library.

Vegetarianism Status

Lennie is a vegetarian. That means, he don’t eat meat. His mother Sandra claimed eating meat is bad for Lennie’s health. Lennie is a strict vegetarian who don’t eat eggs. But he do accept dairy, but he’s currently phasing out dairy in the future.


Tall black mouse wearing a striped black and green shirt and a black pair of jeans. Wears a pair of blue socks, a leather-free purple belt, and a bronze jacket. His face is dark brown,–kind of like dark skin with an African-American equivalent; black nose big eyes with green pupils, and medium upright ears. Although he lacks whiskers.

Like Amy Mouse; his ears are almost the same as her ears,–except his ears are dark on the inside.


Helpful, smart, epic, responsive, caring, active, always on duty, and sometimes fun.

Religions what he joined

Although; Lennie is raised as a Catholic,–due to attending a Catholic church. But he didn’t attend Catholic school,–due to his mother’s concerns, regarding spanking activity.

Lennie didn’t convert to islam,–due to his father who reported some person who owned a mosque to the police department for terror-related activities. He was an activist who support women’s rights, LGBT rights, and environmental rights.

Featuring Content

Lennie makes his first dayview via a fictional story found on Spanking Ends Today; a website that promotes anti-spanking,–helping to put an end to spanking.


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These are his relatives who were related to Lennie via his family.

  • Amy Mouse

    Main article: Amy Mouse.

    Amy Mouse is his big cousin. Although; she often partners with him when she supports any issue what Lennie tries to resolve. However; they’re susceptible to Katherine’s rage when they were just having fun listening to music, watching TV, etc.

  • Annet Mouse

    Main article: Annet Mouse.

    Annet Mouse is Lennie’s aunt. She always care about her children, including foster children. She’s is extremely caring; and sometimes she often babysits Lennie while his mother is at work.

  • Sandra Baugh-Mouse

    Sandra is Lennie’s mother.


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Relationship with other characters

These are other characters that are related to Lennie; for his actual relatives, see the “Relatives” section above.

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I named my character “Lennie Baugh” because, that resembles some of my cousins, or aunts in my big family.

This is Amy’s black cousin. But Lennie is younger than her. He often teams up with her when supported. Such as speaking up against spanking. However; Lennie is shorter than amy because, he often drinks coffee.

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