Annet Mouse

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Type: Large fancy mouse.

Color: White.

Height: 8.5 feet tall (when standing on hind legs).

Length: 8.5 feet (excluding her tail) when navigating on 4 limbs like a normal mouse.

weight: 1300 lbs.

Annet Mouse is Amy’s mother. She appears like a normal white mouse. But she’s an anthropomorphic mouse.



I developed this character as a parent for my other character, Amy. This is going to be a parent of Amy,–and her other children. I started developing her since 2015.

Early Life

During her early childhood; Annet is a 24.9-inch long mouse,–resembling a large format of a fancy mouse. She was born with her British/American mother who once worked as a nurse at some hospital. Her grandmother was an activist who freed all of the slaves during the American Civil War while her mother is studying Jewish culture in the UK, and worked as a maid who changes out carpets, and collect recycling. Annet’s grandmother was a member of some group of activist who once executed a slave owner for spanking a child, mother, and father,–and chaining them. The slave owner has been burned to ashes after Annet’s grandmother freed over 2000 slaves a day. As she frees 100 or more slaves; she gathers up all of these slave owners; she shipped them to a prison,–where these slave owners were sent to be executed.

When Annet is 1 year old; she was an only child while her mother starts to have a second child, Sandra. Although; Annet has played with other mice while she was spending some daytime hours at the daycare center. Her mother worked as a teacher at school. Although; she cared about black people because, she don’t believe in racial segregation. But she has high levels of dislike of Muslims or Islamic culture.

When Annet is 7 years old; she attended a Jewish school, and started to interact with other students while her sister, Sandra goes to a Jewish school that is different than a school what Annet goes to,–after segregation has been outlawed in some states. She met her first black classmate because, she believes he’s a new person. The teacher documents Annet’s experience. But Annet didn’t do any harm. She cares about black people because, she don’t want to duplicate what other students were doing in class.

Annet has lived in a large house that is once owned by a Muslim man who is deported to Iraq,–after he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars for tax avasion; robbery, and DUI,–and trafficking tobacco products. Her parents are official owners of this large house. They lived close to an upcoming mousery where many mice are kept as companion animals.

At age 16; Annet started working as a computer technician. She started to learn about using a computer at work, but she prefers open-source software because, closed-source software is expensive. Her employer has assigned her a special task that is a speciall alternative for her job.

When a company what she worked for has filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy; they went out of business, and Annet has start her own business. She had 2 children during her last days at her work environment.

Annet had her third child, Amy while she was self-employed. Although; she always take responsibility when raising her children,–the same way how her mother did. She share’s an anti-spanking culture in her newly established family of children. That’s the time when Sandra has an only child when Amy is just a baby.

Today, Annet is still running her own business to keep her family stable.


Aaron Johnson Riding Annet Mouse Via His Artwork
This is my artwork of me riding Annet Mouse.

Annet is a large furry white mouse with a pink tail with a spiral design, pink nose, blue eyes, 2 large teeth; large ears with a pink tint; and she has no whiskers. Although; her children who were her daughters, and s sons have the ability to wear clothing. But due to the design of Annet herself; she can barely wear clothing, but that requires her to navigate upright to wear clothing,–just like her children.

Religion what she joined

Annet is exclusively Jewish because, she is strictly a vegetarian. And she will NOT eat any meat.

Vegetarian Status

Annet is strictly vegetarian. Her mother wanted her daughter to stay vegetarian because, she’s an activist who wanted to cut pollution. That can also prevent some meat industries from sending money to terrorists in some foreign countries that is sanctioned by the USA.


  • Raising children without spanking.
  • Her job
  • Vegetarianism


  • Islamic culture
  • Islamic law/Sharia Law
  • Katherine hitting her nephews over anything
  • Terrorism


Those are her relatives in her family.

  • Sandra Baugh-Mouse

    Sandra is Annet’s sister of her family.

  • Lennie

    Main article: Lennie Baugh.

    Lennie is Annet’s nephew. Never the less… he’s a black member of this family!

  • Eddy

    Eddy is Annet’s nephew.

  • Katherine

    Annet’s pending adoptive daughter,–currently a foster daughter.


  • Me
  • Enemies

    Coming soon

    Relationship with other characters

    These are other characters what she may be related to. For her relatives; see the “Relatives” section above.

  • Nancy Mouse
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