Eddy Lamont

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Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Male

Height: 6.6 feet

Weight: 180 lbs.

Color: Black

Full Name: Eddy Travis-Steve Lamont

Eddy is a black anthropomorphic mouse who is disabled via mental disability. He’s also a problematic mouse who has trouble with his behavior in his family. He’s Amy’s cousin who once told Amy about his difficulties with his problematic foster sister who is a troublemaker who once hit him badly with a leather belt. He was susceptible to abuse, and neglect caused by his foster sister, Katherine. His aunt, Annet always watches over him to keep him safe when supported while his mother is at work. His father, Rodney-Allen is an only black father who always keep his son well supported financially. Since Rodney-Allen like his child; he raise him as a child in an epic family who don’t spank children.

However; Eddy was diagnosed with autism,–after he was illegally spanked by his foster sister,–during an incident, involving Eddy using Katherine’s soap when bathing during his trouble with his personal responsibility; such as body odor; being stink, etc.

Early Life

When he was a little baby; he’s a 1-foot long black mouse, wearing a striped purple shirt with black pair of pants, and green socks. His mother is a white mouse who gave birth to Eddy. Since Eddy was born as a sensitive child; his mother, and his father has implemented a way to raise their child without violence. His father asked his mother NOT to spank children under any circumstances in order for her family to be spank-free. His father agreed to raise children the modern way because, they want their children to be treated with love, and respect.

When he was 4 years old; he was rushed to the hospital,–after an incident, involving Eddy disassembling items, such as a VCR, or a heater. His babysitter has been involved in this harmful abuse. The nurse has caused his babysitter to lose her job, and face time in prison. He gone autistic, and his behavior has gone worse,–causing his IQ levels to be robbed. His nurse has ordered a strict no spank order for the purpose of keeping Eddy safe, and that also requires his home to be monitored to gather evidence to bring abuse to life.

Eddy has been safely relocated to Annet’s home to enable the babysitter to be monitored via a video-monitoring system that is installed in every room as a court order. This is a new kind of a sentence that will keep abuse out of closed-doors of our homes, and families.

Eddy often goes to therapy with Annet to get his behavior fixed, but some of these therapies that aren’t working right has caused Eddy to be susceptible to crual harsh punishment, spanking, etc.

When Eddy has gone bad at school; he was illegally spanked by Katherine… his greedy foster sister who wanted to be a boss of a house. His aunt has punished Katherine for failing to take Eddy to the therapist to resolve his behavioral issues.


Autistic, susceptible to abuse, shy, playful, friendly, sensitive, intellagent, often causes Katherine to be mad when showering with random soap, has behavioral problems, always making wishes for anything, and refuses to eat meat.


Black African-American short mouse with dark skin, pink nose, green eyes, small round ears, short whiskers, short pink tail, wears a pair of orange pants, wears a pink shirt, and yellow socks. What makes him different is his ears. They’re black all right, but his inner ears are purple. Comparing to Lennie… his hed is a bit larger than his. He’s an only character who wears diapers. Never the less; he has a tag on his wrist,–telling people NOT to spank this child via a nurse’s order. His hands are black too, but his wristband on his left wrist is bright red with yellow text and a white border. It has a picture of a whip crossed out with a red “X” on it. He also wears an emergency button to get help,–if he was bullied, spanked, or threatened.

Due to damage; he has missing patches of hair, a scar left on his right leg, and a bandage wrapped around his left arm. This is the damage what Katherine left behind.


  • Amy Mouse

    Main article: Amy Mouse.

    Amy is Eddy’s older cousin.

  • Annet Mouse

    Main Article: Annet Mouse.

    Annet is Eddy’s aunt. She’s a lovable aunt who cares about him. She always look after him because, Eddy’s autistic behavior makes him difficult for him to live a different life.

  • Lennie

    Main article: Lennie Baugh.

    Lennie is Eddy’s cousin. He always be a supporting cousin when resolving issues.

  • Sandra Baugh-Mouse

    Sandra is Eddy’s aunt, 1 year younger than Annet.


Coming Soon


  • Amy speaking up for him when he’s in danger of being spanked.
  • His father
  • School


  • Being spanked

Relationship with other characters

No relationship with other characters yet.


I named my character, Eddy Lamont, because, he’s based on my little cousin who has trouble with his behavior at school during 1st grade to 3rd grade. He was torchered by my big sister who has NO business spanking children while she was a teenager.

Amy is older than Eddy. Since Eddy often gets himself into trouble… he didn’t learn something new recently.

He makes his first dayview via Spanking Ends Today!

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