Katherine Monkeyward

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Type: Monkey

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Full name: Katherine Morgan-Ray Monkeyward

Criminal status: Ordered NOT to spank children for 44 years.

Katherine is an anthropomorphic monkey who is nothing more than a spoiled princess… she often gets herself into trouble. She’s been under hot water for her abusive schemes. For example; illegal spanking; cutting school, rushing to get a job, and refusing to comply with her foster mother’s orders.

Sometimes Katherine often gets so bossy; she makes up her own rules at home while she attempts to block her cousin Lennie from reporting her to her father, Keith. Since Keith often catches Katherine for being an abusive sister; Katherine often loses her priviliges,–due to her ungreatful acts against Amy Mouse,–resulting her to seize her cruel acts.

Although; she is now ordered NOT to spank children for 44 years. That’s her criminal status. She’s known for illegal spanking, abusing her cousin, Eddy, being bossy at some school, bullying, hitting people, setting out traps, and causing trouble.

Early Life

Katherine was raised by her mother and father in a sleepy town in a California home. She was just a little monkey who is kind of sensitive. Her mother has always provide her something to keep her educated. That’s the time before her mother has been ordered NOT to spank children.

When Katherine is about 1 year old; she was beaten by her mother for no reason,–causing her IQ level to go down. She was rushed to an ICU to treat her traumatic wounds after her mother was involved in child abuse. Alcohol, is the known cause.

During Katherine’s childhood years; she oftens cause trouble with other children at school. Such as being a bully; and being bossy.

When her mother has been sent to prison for illegally spanking children; Katherine was sent to Annet’s home,–so Annet can take care of her. Her father, Keith has spoken to Katherine about why spanking children is bad. But Katherine has wished she want to spank a child for any wrongful act. She wished she was controlled by gods, but her father warned Katherine about her terrible wishes what she’s making.

When Katherine ran from Annet during Sunday’s movie event; she ran to church to be a Catholic. She wished she can go to a Catholic School,–the same place where Lennie used to go to Church there.

While Katherine is 11 years old; she lost her priviliges of watching TV because, she’s been involved in force-feeding Amy some food what Annet doesn’t allow her to eat,–due to her vegetarian rights. Amy can’t eat eggs because, she don’t want to support the meat industry. Katherine has shoved a small piece of an egg sandwich in her mouth,–causing her to cough; and spit out the food what she can’t eat. Annet has caught her force-feeding; and she punished Katherine by revoking her access to her favorite TV shows, and ordering her NOT to go near Amy for 5 months.


Black monkey wearing black jeans with a yellow shirt, green socks, and yellow shoes. She has short hair, brown eyes, and small ears. She also has a short tail. Never the less… Katherine is wearing a wristband that has a picture of a cat on it.


A hypocrite, vicious, malicious, deceptive, always cutting school, making terrible wishes, hurtful, harmful, loud, out of control, bossy, cruel, and sometimes nice to others.

Religion what she joined

Katherine is exclusively a Catholic

Pets what she owned

Katherine only has a therapy dog that keeps her under control.


  • Keith

    Main article: Keith Monkeyward.

    Keith is Katherine’s father.

  • Annet Mouse

    Main article: Annet Mouse.

    Annet is Katherine’s foster mother. However;she is totally strict when Katherine loses her priviliges, or gets herself into trouble.

  • Amy Mouse

    Main article: Amy Mouse.

    Amy is Katherine’s sister.


Coming soon


  • Prison
  • Annet revoking her priviliges.
  • Amy Mouse’s refusal to eat eggs or meat


None… she has no allies.


  • Lennie
  • Police Officers

Relationship with other characters

Coming soon


I named my character, Katherine because, that reminds me of my big sister who often gets herself into trouble… Since my fictional Katherine is kind of like a hypocrite. She often gets too angry. But she has a stress disorder.

Katherine is a foster child of Annet Mouse, she’s about to be adopted all right… but she has to change her ways in order to be adopted. But Annet always tries to keep Katherine under control.

All of that spanking what her mother just did caused her to be violent, but her mother has been placed in prison,–causing Katherine to be away from her mother for a while. Due to her mother’s drinking habits; she isn’t able to control herself.

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