Lisa the Angel

Type: Angel

Gender: Female

Color: White

Lisa is a fictional angel who made her first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY. She’s an angel who has fear or dislike of Muslims who were involved in burning down a church that is located in Long Island, NY. She wanted to be Christian, and support her religious belief. She is an only angel who lives in a church-like building. Although; she’s different than a fairy. But her wings are different, but she can fly.

Like most angels; she can fly with other angels, and she often play games with them too.

Although; she lives in a family who is part black, and part white.

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Keith Monkeyward

Type: Monkey

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Height: 6 ft.

weight: 200 lbs.

Keith is a black anthropomorphic monkey. He’s Katherine’s father who always tries to prevent issues from rising via the next generation of family of monkeys. He’s an activist who once put an end to spanking successfully,–after his father was taken to prison, due to spanking incident. His mother believes spanking is cruel. Since she owns a cattle farm where it was used for supplying dairy. Although; he made his first dayview via Spanking Ends Today’s fictional stories.

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Branden the Munk

Type: Human Character

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Weight: 200 lbs.

Branden is a fictional munk who likes Christianity. However; his parents don’t believe in spanking children. He lost his parents when they’re been persecuted by Muslim gangs who escaped from a land-based prison that was blown up by the leader of the gang. He wished he wanted to be munk to save the Christians from being persecuted. When Branden goes to the church camp… he has to keep the camp protected against arson, and other crime.

Branden makes his first dayview via A Fair-Dream STORY, he is kind of like tall guy, but he’s a skilled runner who can run track via any season.

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