Katherine Monkeyward

Type: Monkey

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Full name: Katherine Morgan-Ray Monkeyward

Criminal status: Ordered NOT to spank children for 44 years.

Katherine is an anthropomorphic monkey who is nothing more than a spoiled princess… she often gets herself into trouble. She’s been under hot water for her abusive schemes. For example; illegal spanking; cutting school, rushing to get a job, and refusing to comply with her foster mother’s orders.

Sometimes Katherine often gets so bossy; she makes up her own rules at home while she attempts to block her cousin Lennie from reporting her to her father, Keith. Since Keith often catches Katherine for being an abusive sister; Katherine often loses her priviliges,–due to her ungreatful acts against Amy Mouse,–resulting her to seize her cruel acts.

Although; she is now ordered NOT to spank children for 44 years. That’s her criminal status. She’s known for illegal spanking, abusing her cousin, Eddy, being bossy at some school, bullying, hitting people, setting out traps, and causing trouble.

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Eddy Lamont

Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Male

Height: 6.6 feet

Weight: 180 lbs.

Color: Black

Full Name: Eddy Travis-Steve Lamont

Eddy is a black anthropomorphic mouse who is disabled via mental disability. He’s also a problematic mouse who has trouble with his behavior in his family. He’s Amy’s cousin who once told Amy about his difficulties with his problematic foster sister who is a troublemaker who once hit him badly with a leather belt. He was susceptible to abuse, and neglect caused by his foster sister, Katherine. His aunt, Annet always watches over him to keep him safe when supported while his mother is at work. His father, Rodney-Allen is an only black father who always keep his son well supported financially. Since Rodney-Allen like his child; he raise him as a child in an epic family who don’t spank children.

However; Eddy was diagnosed with autism,–after he was illegally spanked by his foster sister,–during an incident, involving Eddy using Katherine’s soap when bathing during his trouble with his personal responsibility; such as body odor; being stink, etc.

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Lennie Baugh

Type: Fancy Mouse

Gender: Male

Color: Black

Height: 6.3 feet

Weight: 550 lbs.

Full Name: Lennie Davis Baugh-Mouse

Lennie is an anthropomorphic black mouse who is Amy’s cousin. He is a smart mouse who likes school, resolving issues, and speaking up against bullying. Although; he oftens spoils his foster cousin, Katherine; she’s a greedy cousin who wants to do things what she want to do. Lennie is a talented music artist who wants to be a musician as he grows up.

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