Commenting Policy

The comment policy plays an important role to keep comments spam-free, and safe to read on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki. However; freedom of speech is welcomed. These content boundaries are important to keep Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Safe.

Adult Content

Adult content in comments are NOT welcomed on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki. This policy includes sexual content, nudity, pornography, insest, and other adult content. Never the less; don’t post any comments that have any links to any adult websites that are commercial or not. Images that are adult in nature should NOT be posted under any circumstances.


Never post any threats to anyone, such as death threats, spank threats, rape threats, arson threats, bullying threats, or any kind of threats when leaving comments on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki. These threats are illegal. Don’t do it to anyone who is not in a same religion what you’re in, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


Spam takes many forms… don’t post your comment with a link to your product for the purpose of generating revenue on your site. The Website field is available to fill out. Just only your home URL. You may use any HTML tags if you want. But all links in comments are tagged with a “nofollow” tag. If you want to promote your product; use the advertising system,–if available instead.

Don’t participate in any spamming activities. In some cases; you will be end up being listed as spammers on the website someplace. Some spammers often rely on deceptive tactics to cause our internet to go out.

Posting Personal Information

Never post someone elses information; such as bank numbers, Credit/debit card numbers, SSNs, License numbers, email addresses, Street addresses, medical records, tax records, profile images, or any other information.

Deceptive Names In Comments Area

When leaving Comments; Always choose a nickname, or real name with your comments. Always provide a valid Non-disposible email address at the email field of the comment form.


Don’t post any links to unauthorized content found on most warez sites, or any sites that violates anyone’s copyright. Don’t participate in these schemes. These schemes are illegal. However; fair-use should be used with extreme caution. For safety reasons; these comments with these links are removed for the purpose of keeping Fairies Dreams & Fantasy safe from any form of liabilities.


Never use the comment system on The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki for the purpose of defraud anyone’s copyright of any material, or facilitate poaching of public domain content. Copyfraud is fraudulent; and you will be liable for damages, heavy fines, prison time, or worse. Never feed the copyright trolls! If you spotted them; always say something. Any repeat copyfraudster who is involved in these fraudulent copyright-claiming schemes that are illegal are banned from this wiki.

Best Practices When Leaving Comments

When leaving comments on any wiki post; use polite language. For example; a comment without any foul words.

Try to take some time when typing in comments in the textarea. Don’t rush your typing,–otherwise your comment will be unreadable.

Be as Relevant as Possible. You may launch a conversation with other commenters. Whether you’re starting a discussion about any content displayed on this wiki. If you were relevant enough to post links to relevant content. Be sure to add a “nofollow” tag to your links. If you were refering content, use a static text link instead. It’s okay to ask a question,–as long your comment is relevant to any wiki content.

What To Do If You Found A Comment That Is Violating These Policies?

Look for the Flag Icon when reporting a comment as abusive. When the comment is flagged; the comment will be moved to the spam folder on this website. Most comments are reviewed to varify if any of these comments comply with these policies above; if NOT:

  • Edit user’s comment for the purpose of keeping all comments on this wiki clean.
  • Remove the offending comments.
  • Disable the commenters’ access to the comment system.
  • Blacklist the commenter.
  • Ban the Commenter from commenting on certain webpages on this wiki.