Terms Of Use

The Following terms govern use of the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki, along with policies and disclaimers. Please read these terms carefully before you ever use this site. If you have any questions with these terms; feel free to contact me.

General Info

The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki, owned by Aaron Johnson is a project included on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy. This wiki contains articles about fictional characters, fictional places, and fictional objects. All fictional characters are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike International License; or place in the public domain,–that also includes fictional places, fictional objects, designs, and more.

The content brought to you via this wiki is always free. No subscription is required! That means You can access content free of charge. It’s always free,–even a poor person can view this site.

Use of this wiki

You are free to reuse fictional characters, fictional places, and other content on this wiki,–as long as you comply with these terms of the Creative Commons Licenses. If wiki content is in the public domain; please be considerate before reusing. No licensing fees will be charged under any circumstances.

This wiki with a freely reusable fictional characters, fictional places, or fictional objects repository is intended for anyone to reuse. Whether if you were a fan fiction writer/blogger, remixer who cares about creativity, etc.

Comment Submissions

You are always free to leave comments on this wiki. No signups… and no registration is needed. Go to the Commenting Policy page to learn more about these policies.

User Conduct

When visiting this wiki, or reusing content; reusers and users shall NOT:

  • Claim copyright, trademark, patent, service mark, trade dress, trade-secret, on any freely available content on this wiki. Such as fictional characters, fictional places, fictional objects, designs, or any other content provided on this wiki,–provided by a webmaster.
  • Transmit bulk email spam to creep up resources, and make this wiki too difficult to use via any visitor who is trying to brows the wiki.
  • Use any Islamic sensorship to block content, widget, posts, pages, images, or this wiki altogether.
  • Use any form of an illegal botnet to artificially inflate impressions to content, ads, payment buttons, social buttons, artificially generate traffic to this wiki, artificially inflate pageviews, submit comments, registration for this site, scrape content, artificially inflate CTR (click-through rate).
  • Submit unpaid advertisements, sponsorships, sponsored reviews, sponsored wiki contents, sponsored articles, sponsored videos, sponsored books, sponsored movies, sponsored audio, or any other unpaid advertising.
  • Transmit malware that is built to infect servers, internet routers, or any other computer.
  • Conduct submissions of kill lists to threaten women, children, LGBT, disabled, or anyone,–especially if it’s Islamic in nature.
  • Conduct “honor” killing of women and young girls, rape, or encourage anyone to condone rape culture.
  • Perform unauthorized security checks to check for security flaws of this website without the permission of the webmaster.
  • Submit unsolicited messages, promotions, advertising, or sponsored content.
  • Mine data for user information, or email accounts.
  • Defraud users of sensitive data, or financial data. Such as Credit/Debit card numbers, SSNs, license numbers, or any other sensitive data.
  • Conduct bullying threats to anyone.
  • Transmit any email bomb.
  • Distribute animal crush videos.
  • Transmit instructions to spank a child, or mistreat a child.
  • Transmit child pornography, revenge porn, or any illegal sexual images.


The Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki may display advertisements to keep this wiki free. This webmaster doesn’t have any endorsement, relationship, or affiliation with any of these advertisements or sponsors on this website. Whether if these ads were provided by a third party ad network, or hosted via a webmaster. To opt out of seeing ads on this website, you may turn on an ad-blocking software on your browser, or go to any of the websites where you can opt out of seeing ads via a control panel.

If you encounter ads that are NOT suitable for this wiki; please contact the webmaster for help.

Ads self-hosted on this wiki

All self-hosted ads are checked to determine where they’re going to be placed on this wiki to ensure relevant ads. Advertisers can advertise on this wiki by using the advertising system instead. You can go to the dedicated page to advertise on this wiki.

Intellectual Property

Creative Commons

What’s mentioned earlier; all text, fictional characters, fictional places, fictional objects, and designs are licensed under A Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike International license. Check the Creative Commons license under each post for details.

To help keep content on this wiki legitimate, always keep track what you’re reusing.

You may NOT reuse this content if you are a copyright troll who is held accountable for copyfraud, or you were a copyfraudster. Copyright trolls are NOT welcomed on this wiki.


All trademarks goes to respected owners. No content provided on the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Wiki are trademarked under any circumstances. Trademark trolls are NOT welcomed on this wiki.